My Story

I spent nearly 20 years as a global nomad passing myself off as a chef in the yachting industry on boats in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and Dubai, I was also an adrenaline junkie. I competed in the Florida Skydiving League and raced motocross in Mexico. I was a freediver, SCUBA diver, offroad dirt bike trespasser, and a crack shot.

My decision to give up my adventurous lifestyle to have a baby shocked most of my friends and family because they somehow had the idea that I would rather eat broken glass than hang around with little booger eaters.


There's something to be said for the biological imperative, because in my mid-30's it hit me hard, and it was all I wanted. I waited it out for nearly a year to see if the feeling would go away. Obviously it didn’t and I traded in my old life for this one.

I gave birth to my daughter at 40 and I’m now a single mom to a teenager. Every day is filled with laughter and joy.

Clearly it is the best thing I’ve ever done.



We live in White Rock, BC and La Quinta, CA. I haven’t lost my wanderlust, and my new sidekick is a good sport about traveling. My bucket list is now all places I want to visit with her.

By the age of 9 she had already been on 56 flights, and several long road trips, and recently had me set up her own blog!

Recent trips include an epic road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway.  We stayed local during the pandemmy and took up kayaking and archery.  We're making plans for fun summer travel in 2022. One of my travel goals is  to spend some serious time in Costa Rica so she can learn to speak Spanish since I’ve been too lazy to teach her.

I love the laptop lifestyle because it has allowed me to make a life while making a living. I have been able to work at home and raise my daughter, and continue to work when we travel. I support several small businesses with marketing and content creation services. I help people build an online presence with quick website setup and social media strategy. I’m also available for writing and editing gigs (editing is my super power) as well as guest posting.

I started blogging after spending a year ghost writing articles for a search engine optimization company. I enjoyed the writing, but didn’t love seeing my stories under another person’s byline. My first blog in 2012 was a parenting site called Boogers are Yucky, but I rebranded in 2015 and shifted my focus to travel.

Here you’ll find stories of past adventures, as well as current ones. I feel like I’ve already lived 3 lifetimes, and I have a lot of anecdotes to share.

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