Guest Post – I Feel Like I Live in the Matrix. Shocking Videos.

by Mark Rogers

This really was shocking.  If you still think that we aren’t ALL fed a largely identical load of pablum from the news media, and that it isn’t all coming from the same source, WAY up the food chain……..then watch the two videos below!!

I found this truly disconcerting while being somewhat comical at the same time.  In fact, the entire first video is part of Conan Obrien’s monologue, and predictably, the audience just yucks it up, while missing the deeper significance.

At the very least, just watch two minutes of the first video, and you’ll get the gist.  The 2nd one offers further examples illustrating the point, but both videos combined will only take about 4 minutes of your time.

This is absolutely maddening.

Author bio:
Mark Rogers may or may not be his real name.  If you are lucky enough to be one of the few people who are connected to his very spartan Facebook page, pay attention.  I’ve known Mark since the late 90’s when we both lived in Cozumel. To be honest, I thought he was an ass when I first met him, but it turns out he’s an acquired taste.