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With yoga and it’s skyrocketing popularity, many people out there have given it a try. If you are wondering about your next vacation and you want to try something new, you should try doing yoga and visit one of the best yoga destinations for your first yoga vacation! Of course, you do not have to be completely new at yoga to want and enjoy some of the best yoga retreats out there. 

Yoga Is a Great Choice for Everyone

Yoga is for everyone and it is certainly a good reason enough to take your yoga vacations right now! It does not matter whether you are an elderly woman or a teenager, yoga is a great way of rejuvenating yourself and your well being. The primary idea of your next yoga vacation is to release yourself of all the stress you have gathered so far, work your muscles and feel lighter than ever right away, even after your first session! Yoga programs that are featured in the best yoga retreats in the world are usually scheduled to suit your liking and your own daily routine. You are not expected to follow everything and you can even skip some of the steps if you really want to.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga retreats are designed to customize your next yoga experience. Whether you look for an expensive yoga retreat or an affordable yoga retreat, you can always expect to be treated as a member, not just a random guest. Yoga retreat visitors always get proper care and service no matter the time, food is always prepared in a regulated way and you will always be allowed to eat any of your favorite foods while you stay. After getting to experience yoga to the fullest and you find yoga style that suits you, you will easily take your knowledge to your home and carry on with your yoga routines anywhere you go.

Top 10 Yoga travel Destinations

If yoga managed to catch your interest and you want to know more about some of the best yoga countries and best yoga retreats, please continue reading!

1. Kamalaya, Koh Samui

Once a mystical Buddhist shrine, today this sanctuary can be found among banana trees and beautiful nature surrounding it. Enjoy your beachfront cabin and get rid of all the stress by taking yoga lessons, pilates and try following nutritional guidance. 

2. Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

Absolute Sanctuary is very known for its very affordable prices. Get your relaxation through personalized exercise classes, yoga and detox regimens. These classes will fully focus on your resistance and cardio. 

3. Shreyas Yoga Retreat, India

If you do not mind starting your day with yoga at 6:30 AM every day, Shreyas Yoga retreat will be an amazing experience for you. Meditate, try out asana classes and different forms of yoga meanwhile you create your own personalized routine. This retreat offers vegetarian food only, an infinity pool and private terraces where everyone is welcome to relax on.

Yoga vacation in the mountains

4. Sen Wellness Sanctuary, Sri Lanka

Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Sen Wellness Sanctuary is everything a person would want from a yoga retreat. The wellness programs here are all designed for you individually and are a great addition to your meditation, yoga and well known Ayurvedic treatment. Energy clearing, outstandingly relaxing gong baths, Ayurvediccooking classes, turtle watching, and beautiful boat rides are just a few of many great things this retreat offers to its visitors. 

5. Yoga in the Wild, Utah (USA)

If you are looking for something a little bit different than most yoga retreats offer, try out Yoga in the Wild, located in Utah, USA. Instead of palms and the sea, head to red landscape and enjoy the dramatic setting right before you. Yoga In The Wild offers multi-day yoga trips as well as single-day yoga trips. 

6. The Island Experience, Brazil

Located near Ilha Grande in Brazil, The Island Experience is all about natural beauty. If you love rainforests, oceans and know how to appreciate the beauty of our world, this place will be a perfect choice for you, but is also an amazing destination for yoga couples

Yoga Vacation at the beach

7. Blue Spirit Retreat Center, Costa Rica

Not only the Blue Spirit Retreat Center has a beautiful name, but it is also one of the most outstanding yoga retreats you can choose from. With a three-mile-long white sand beach, turtle refuge and many very experienced yoga teachers, this yoga retreat is everything you would want if you are into yoga. 

8. Jungle Bay Resort & Spa, Dominica

If you like jungles and you want to experience how it is to be in one, try visiting Jungle Bay Resort & Spa. This resort is all about love for nature, natural beauty, and relaxation. This lovely resort became a retreat center back in 2005 and yoga teachers have been opening more of them as time went on. One of the teachers has held nine retreats here so far.

9. Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, Bhutan

You like yoga but you never tried taking an acupuncture session? If that is the case, you must visit Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary located in Bhutan. This lovely town is surrounded by sacred Buddhist sites and whoever visits this place will get to meet the monks and enjoy a morning meditation. Everyone knows Bhutan for its great medicinal herbs, but how many of us have been there? 

10. Extended Summer Yoga Retreat, Greece

You can miss some of the retreats run by Jaime Hepburn, but you should not miss her Greece retreat. Extended Summer Yoga Retreat allows you to start your day with meditation and start your yoga sessions right away. After all that, you will get to try out restorative Yin practice and participate in various daily activities such as architectural and cultural visits, massages, and guided hikes!

Planning your next vacation and  want to try something new? Consider visiting one of the best yoga destinations for your first yoga vacation! #yoga #travel

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Top 10 Yoga Vacation & Retreat Destinations