2048 A Game That Will Suck You In

Candy Crush didn’t hook me, nor did any of the facebook games.  That doesn’t mean I’m not susceptible to games and puzzles.

Every once in a while I will come across something that appeals to me and I’ll feel compelled to waste ridiculous amounts of time.

This new game 2048 has that kind of power over me.  They were even talking about it on USA Today

The last time I got obsessed with a game was several years ago when I couldn’t stop landing planes on my nephew’s iPod touch.  Flight Control was the name of the app, and even my parents go into it when they first got their iPad.  It has since been deleted, and we don’t speak its name in their house.

3 thoughts on “2048 A Game That Will Suck You In”

  1. i had that game on my droid. had to get rid of it, too. now i am sucked in to 2048….ugh.

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