The North-Eastern Tyrol: Best Hiking Trails For Kids in Austria

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In today’s guide, I’m going to talk you through everything you can get up to in Tyrol, and why the area offers some of the best hiking trails for kids in Austria.

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, you may find that getting out and having an explore is a lot more difficult when you have kids. Sometimes, it’s hard for kids to find the excitement of nature, especially with the distractions of screens and technology, and it can be hard to find fun things for them to do, especially if they get tired easily.

Fortunately, the Tyrol in Austria is a fantastic place to go because you get to itch your scratch for wanting to get outside and spend some time with Mother Nature, and there’s plenty of things for you to do with your kids that they’re going to love.

The Toboggan Runs

I used to love going on toboggan runs as a kid, and I don’t know a single kid that doesn’t love doing it. Hike up the mountain for some breath-taking scenery in Tyrol, and then race each other back down on the Toboggan run.

toboggan runs - best hiking trails for kids in Austria

In Tyrol, there are nine different coaster routes to choose from, so you can be sure you’re not going miss out or get bored from a single route. The longest route is also a lovely 1.3km and comes with over 40 turns, so it’s well worth the time hiking up!

explore the best hiking trails for kids in Austria

Of course, going for a hike is going to be one of the main activities you go on, especially when you’re traversing from activity to activity. Still, there’s a ton of family-friendly walks and hikes around that are ideal for families and kids.

What makes these trails among the best hiking trails for kids in Austria is the fact they’re easy-going, so they won’t pose too much of an effort for smaller kids, and there are plenty of activities to get involved with along the way, such as seeing rivers and valleys, and crossing mini suspension bridges.

backpacks - best hiking trails for kids in Austria

“The Verwall Valley walk is one of the most recent to open that has walking and bike paths, the big suspension bridge, playgrounds, and a ton of info boards that tell stories of the area that your kids are going to love. You can even take a stroller on this route around the mountain; that’s how easy it is,” says Ben Tarner, a lifestyle blogger at Britstudent and 1day2write.

The Highline 179 Suspension Bridge

If you want to get your kid’s heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing, maybe not if they’re scared of heights, but definitely if they’re looking for adventure, get your family over to the suspension bridge. The views from the bridge are amazing, as are the walks to and from the bridge itself.

This is a must-visit part of Tyrol, and while it may look at a little scary, especially from the ground, it’s not too bad once you’re up there. It’s really good fun and a unique thing that is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Time Your Visit with Festivals and Celebrations

“Austria is known for its many celebrations and festivals held throughout the year, so why not try and time your visit with one of these. My favorite is the Almabtrieb annual cattle drive which means you get to see a lot of beautiful cows dressed up in a beautiful way, and it’s just an amazing experience I’ve seen nowhere else in the world,” shares Nikki Berry, a travel writer at Writemyx and NextCoursework.

Do Some Archery

Archery has always been a favourite pastime of my family, especially if you have boys who see it for themselves and talk about nothing else for the next couple of days. Yup, that’s what I had. 

We found some really great archery experiences in the Tyrol area, many of which are great for all ages over five and above and will have shooting things like balloons and fake animals. Sure, there’s a bit of a skill element to it and you’re probably not going to hit anything straight away, but when you do, it’s the most satisfying feeling.

Tackle the Adventure Parks

Tyrol is famous for its adventure parks, and it’s really up to you with how involved you want to get. There are five different difficulty levels to choose from, so it’s up to you with how adventurous you want to be, but there’s a ton of activities from climbing frames to zip lines that everyone can enjoy.

Swimming in the Lakes

Tyrol is famous for its beautiful and simply awe-inspiring lakes set in some of the most beautiful locations that will leave you breathless. Many of these lakes are formed from natural sources, which means swimming in them is something you just have to try for yourself.

There’s lots of choices out there, whether you want to go high in the mountains, but be warned the water is much colder up there, or to any of the recreation parks where there are lakes for both boating and swimming. The recreation parks are fully equipped with everything you’ll need for a great day out, so there’s another option you can consider.

Mountain Biking Adventures

Can you really go to the mountains without going on a mountain bike adventure? Suitable for kids of all ages, there’s a ton of rental places you can get all kinds of bikes from that are clearly kept in great condition, or you can obviously bring your own if you can.

mountain bikes - best hiking trails for kids in Austria

Whether your kids are taking their own bikes, or you’re getting them into a trailer that you can pull along with you, it doesn’t matter how you want to bike or how far you want to go, there’s a setup that can make it happen.

A top tip from me; I highly recommend getting yourself an e-bike. This makes biking so much easier and more casual, meaning it’s less of a workout and more of just a casual ride where you can enjoy every moment.

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The North-Eastern Tyrol: Best Hiking Trails For Kids in Austria