5 Best Places For Family Vacations In Canada

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Canada is a nation built for outdoor adventure. For plants and animal lovers, there are zoos and aquariums. For entertainment-seekers, there are amusement parks and cowboy-skills to check out. Here is a list of five destinations with the reputations as best places for family vacations in Canada.

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the second largest falls in the world, neck in neck with Victoria Falls in southern Africa. 1060 feet long and 176 feet high, Niagara Falls is classified into three falls – American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Canadian “Horseshoe” Falls. Straddling the international border of Canada and the United States, the Falls attracts about 12 million tourists annually. Evolution-wise, Niagara Falls is about 12,000 years old. It is a reasonably young river whose discharge empties into the Niagara River and cascades over the Falls.

The tremendous volume of water freezes in the winters creating ice formations along the banks of the Falls and the Niagara River. This results in ice formations up to fifty feet thick. During the peak of the winter season, the ice stretches on the river forming an “ice bridge” which can extend for several miles. “Ice-boom”, the long-floating chain of steel floats across the Niagara river set up in December each year prevents the ice from clogging the river. Man’s intervention does respect Nature!

For an exciting adventure Canadian families can enjoy the Whirlpool Jetboat Ride. The 1200 hp turbo diesel jet boats have made over 1.5 million people experience the thrill of riding through the Niagara Rapids. There are discount passes for those who want to visit several attractions around Niagara Falls. For movie lovers, there is IMAX Theatre Niagara Falls Movie Experience in “Miracles, Myths & Magic”. The audience travels back to time to learn the history of the daredevils who challenged the fury of Niagara Falls. The 100-acre Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens is for the nature-loving families. Home to the Butterfly Conservatory, you can witness thousands of butterflies fluttering in a backdrop of bright flowers.

2. Prince Edward Island

PEI - Family Vacations In Canada
Photo by Nick Dietrich on Unsplash

Warm sand beaches, soft blue sky, red sandstone cliffs. Visitors to PEI have about eleven hundred kilometers of pristine beaches to explore with their families. Build a sandcastle, enjoy a nap in the sun, stroll around, or capture the sunset. Prince Edward Island has all the trappings for a beach visitor.

Adventure can cross imagination at the PEI. The beach can be a soft base for a volleyball court. The shorebirds can be good beach partners to you. Going on a romantic walk on an Island beach or boiling a lobster with a group of friends while stringing a guitar is pure family fun. Just take your sunscreen, camera, paperback novel, and guidebooks. You can find snails and starfish of all kinds as you sail. Take any type of clothing. Bare feet are important!

Want more than the water bliss? Discover the stunning beauty of PEI’s National Park, only a few steps from the ocean. It offers beautiful nature trails, evening campfires, picnics, and outdoor experiences. Pull out your jeep wrangler roof rack to carry along lawn chairs and umbrellas for a beach camping afternoon with your family.  

3. Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort

Family Vacations In Canada - Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort
Photo by René-Pierre Normandeau on Unsplash

The highest peak in eastern Canada, Mont-Tremblant is a mountain treat for the Canadian traveler. There are 102 trails for skiers and 4-person chairlifts for transporting the skiers. Tourists can halt at the mountain village for accommodation and eateries.

Tremblant offers excellent hiking opportunities such as mountain biking, snowshoeing, dog sled rides, road cycling, golfing, and triathlon coaching and training for the mountain town race, IRONMAN. A year-long entertainment and events are in store for the families. The pedestrian village and many hotels are a perfect background for hosting conferences, team meetings, and group events. It is heartening to know that the Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort has been continually voted the top resort in eastern North America by Ski magazine.

4. Ottawa

Family Vacations In Canada - Ottawa
Photo by Nabil Saleh on Unsplash

As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa has plenty of sightseeing attractions. The prominent Parliament Hall has non-Gothic buildings by the Ottawa River. Climb up the Peace Tower at Parliament Hill where the huge 53-bell rings every 15 minutes. Established in 1841, Notre-Dame Cathedral with its sky-touching neo-Gothic pinnacles is worth visiting.

Tourist families can cruise along the Ottawa River or boat in Rideau Canal that turns into the largest skating arena in winters. Byward Market is where one can discover and sample local produce. Go back to the dinosaur era at the Canadian Museum of Nature that houses life-size fossils. BeaverTails pastry shop offers a range of sweet confections, particularly flat-fried dough pastry. Get up close with WWI tanks and artillery and Hitler’s car amongst other wartime exhibits at the Canadian War Museum. Buy tickets for live plays and musical performances at Ottawa Little Theatre auditorium.

5. Muskoka Lakes

Cottage country paradise, the Township of Muskoka Lakes promises the visitors miles of boating and an escape to the natural wonders. The wondrous 80 lakes, old Muskoka cottages and boathouses dotting the shores provide an untold experience of the pristine waters. Rural areas, country setting to the stunning waterfront, The Township has it all.

If you are looking for fantastic family fun, then get yourself a self-guided Muskoka Chair Tour. Just get your phone and camera ready so that you can take lots of photos as you visit all ten chairs. Bala Town Dock is a regular meeting spot for boats. Sit there leisurely to enjoy looking at the Lake.          

Do you have any favorite places for family vacations in Canada? Share in the comments below.

Canada is full of vacation destinations for the family. Its vibrant nature and soul-filling culture is a perfect dose of adventure. Everything is spellbinding here, from waterfalls to the picturesque way of living. Explore Canada for its charming feel!  For West Coast adventures, check out these Vancouver and Lower Mainland attractions and events.

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5 Best Places For Family Vacations In Canada

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