Create Your Holiday Card With Shutterfly – For #FREE

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Lizzie Lau

shutterfly holiday card

Every year in September I start taking advantage of Shutterfly card deals. That’s why I’m already splattering Christmassy stuff on my site before Halloween, but now is the time to get your holiday card ordered.

I never used to start thinking about Christmas cards until I started receiving them in the mail and realized it was probably too late to bother.  For the past few years though, I’ve been creating cards through Shutterfly and actually mailing them before Christmas!

Shutterfly makes it quick and easy to produce holiday cards.  Honestly, I’m only vaguely compelled to send cards so if it was even slightly annoying or expensive I wouldn’t bother.

I order from Shutterfly at least six times a year, for gifts, magnets, coffee mugs, address labels and greeting cards.

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