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Experience Vancouver With Visitors

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It’s fun to experience Vancouver with visitors and share what we love about this city. We get to play tourist and enjoy our favorite Vancouver attractions.

We have a short list of must-do experiences, so when we have a limited amount of time to show our guests around, we stick to these:

Greenheart Treewalk at the UBC Botanical Gardens.

This is an all ages experience, I first took my daughter when she was a toddler, and my 70 year old parents enjoy it just as much.

Give yourself time to do the Treewalk twice, because the first time you may be paying too much attention to your footing and hanging on. The second time you won’t be thinking of plummeting to your death and you’ll see so much more. We have another post on the Treewalk here.

This is a terrific activity on a hot day, because you’ll be nice and cool in the rainforest canopy.

The UBC Botanical gardens are amazing too. We love walking the trails and we always notice something we haven’t seen before.

UBC Botanical Garden

Our next stop after a drive through the UBC Endowment lands, past Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach, and through the Kitsilano shopping district is:

Granville Island

We obviously like to time it so that we arrive here for lunch. There are so many great restaurants to choose from, but we always go straight to the Public Market and try one of the food vendors. The truth is we nearly always each end up choosing a different vendor.

After that it’s a toss up between pastries and gelato. In our family gelato usually wins. A cone for Vivi and an affogato (gelato and espresso) for my Dad.

Experience Vancouver Granville Island gelato

If there’s time we get on an Aquabus and cruise up False Creek to Yaletown and back because it’s fun and seeing the area from the water offers a different perspective.

There are too many great shops and galleries to see them all in one day so we try to pick a couple and then move on to our next stop.

Stanley Park

Our favorite way to see the park is to rent a bike and ride around. When we’re trying to see a lot in one day we drive around to the highlights. Like the Hollow Tree, the Totem Poles.

Experience Vancouver Stanley Park Totems

And the Brockton Point Lighthouse built in 1914.

That’s our whirlwind tour of Vancouver!

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