26 Facebook Groups For Promoting Your Blog

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We can complain all we want about Facebook reach and algorithms, but it is still the #1 social media platform, and as bloggers, we need to maintain a presence there. In the past year or so I’ve found that the majority of my time on the platform is spent in Facebook groups.

26 Facebook Groups For Promoting Your Blog

Find Your Tribe

Community is the key to getting your blog post out there.  Generally your reach is based on your mailing list and the number of social media followers you have.  The best way to get beyond your own reach is to join a network of other bloggers and amplify each other.  There are thousands of groups to choose from, but here are several that I’ve had success with.

When you join a group, the first thing you should do is read the rules. Most of them are busy, with several threads each day so you won’t get to discuss why you broke a rule or did something you didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do, you will simply be kicked to the curb.

Pay Attention to the Rules

Read each thread carefully before you add your link and make sure you are able to commit the time to do the sharing/liking/commenting that is required when you add your link.

Consider which platforms you want to cross-promote on.  If you normally only tweet once or twice a week, and suddenly you have to do 65 retweets in a short period of time, it will seem spammy.

I always do:

  • a Pinterest thread because I get most of my traffic from there, and I don’t think you can save too many pins;
  • Twitter because I tweet a lot anyway;
  • Facebook like/comment threads because it is tough to gain traction on Facebook without a support network;
  • Stumbleupon is another one that is easy to reciprocate without feeling spammy and I get a lot of my traffic from there.

26 Facebook Groups

Up All Night Blogging
Awesome Bloggers
Bloggers Community
Pinterest Group Boards
Promote Your Website
Blogging on Your Own Terms
Blog Share Learn
She Knows Blogger & Social Media
BlogHer Network
Ultimate Blog Challenge
The Travel Writers
SheSpeaks Blogger Society
Female Travel Bloggers
BonBonBreak Syndicate Me
Blunt Moms Syndication Group
The Blog Loft
Grow Your Blog
Blog Share Learn
Instagram Fabulous
Facebook Fabulous
The Women of Midlife
Green Moms Collective Syndication Group
Beyond Your Blog
Canadian Writers & Bloggers
Pinterest Promotion for Bloggers
Blog Engagement & Promotion Group

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  2. I dream of one day becoming a successful blogger like you.I can write quality content ,however the main challenge is promoting my content.how did you promote your first blog?

    • Hi George. I promoted my first blog on facebook and twitter, back before facebook made it harder for posts to be seen, but I didn’t start taking promotion seriously until I was serious about monetizing the blog.

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