February Bay Island Horoscopes – Guest Post

I receive a monthly email from an old friend I met while living in Roatan, Honduras.  I always look forward to it and recently asked if I could share one here.  Kristin W. Haynes is an amazing artist from the USA who lived in Roatan long enough for the colors and culture to seep into her soul.  Her colored pencil illustrations are fantastic, and you can support some great island causes by purchasing some of them.  See her work on her blog.

Bay Island Horoscope by Kristin W Haynes Boogers Are Yucky

Horoscopes  February 2015

Capricorn:   Saturn:   Find out what is behind the scenes! 
Saturn, for most of the year, is in your Solar house of behind the scenes activity and secrets.  And now the investigator side of you is coming out.  This could all be interesting because Saturn is wrapped up in Sagittarius and this sign is outgoing and a prankster.  It is not good at keeping a secret.  So if you are doing something that you’d love to keep quiet, be sure to know there’s a good chance the World will know in the end.  Could be a splash when it breaches.  Use this time to plan a spiritual journey or meet up with a mentor.  This is a good year to learn about yourself.  June 14-Sept 17, Saturn returns back to Scorpio so use this time to mend fences with a friend or relative.  Mercury turns direct Feb 11th so things move along at a normal clip and you can count on your schedule again.  All those delays are in the past by the 19th.  The 24th and 25th, loving Venus will convince you to have some fun and try being romantic.  You love elegance so pull out the sea shells and candles. Loosen up and forget work!   The 19th-23rd could be fireworks at home but this could be the chance to clear up those old arguments.  Put them behind you and get ready for a cranking year! 
Aquarius:     Saturn:   A time for reflecting 
This is a big change year as Saturn changes signs.  He’ll be jumping  back and forth from intense Scorpio (June 14 until September 17) and lighthearted Sagittarius.  This Planet of obedience and following the rules (not your favorite thing) will be changing attitudes as it is in Sagittarius now and  this sign also does not like boundaries. (you can relate there.)  Use the time while Saturn is in Scorpio to set some rules but the rest of the year you will be feeling quite fluid. Saturn will now be in your 12thhouse of subconscious thoughts, secret relationships and nostalgic feelings.  Try not to retreat into regret to the point of obsession. Surround yourself with upbeat people.  In February several Planets in Aires and your 3rd house of neighbors and siblings prompts you to visit, call or spend more time with them.  Gatherings promise to be rewarding, except avoid Feb 21 (tempers are fiery!) These Planets are adrenaline loving which is right up your alley.  Go ahead and challenge yourself, go back to school or join a new hood!  Venus spends most the month in intuitive Pisces and your 2nd house of personal finances.  You are going to sense where the money is and smell where the fraud is.  Stay in charge of your money.  The 18th New Moon in your sign signals new starts, new direction or new relationships.  All will be good.  Have a great month, you are good at that! 
Pisces:     Saturn:     You are shinning
Saturn for most of the year will be in light-hearted Sagittarius and your 10th house of career matters and dealings with higher up, Authorities and Elders.  There is work to do this year but the rewards will be mucho and you’ll be making a name for yourself. From June 14th to Sept 17th Saturn returns to Scorpio. You’ll be feeling a sense of hard earned stability you’ve been working towards. And face some habits that you know have seen their time.  The Sun enters your sign February 18th and it’s your month to shine.  It may come from a project you’ve been working on or just your charming little self.  At the beginning of the month don’t look away if you see your Soulmate, Venus is favoring a fun encounter.  With lots of Planets moving through your 2nd house of Personal Finances and money matters and also in Aries, Beware of those lempiras (Honduran coins) burning a hole in your pocket.  You don’t need that warranty on the $1 flip flops.  With Aries assertiveness your values may be tested too.  You may have to take a stand for what you hold dear to you.  Are you up for a battle?  Be true to yourself and then go chill out on the beach with that cold beverage you love.       
Aries:     New beginnings to celebrate 
Serious Saturn moves on from the heavier Scorpio into fun-loving Sagittarius.  Except for a quick return to sort things out from June 14th to Sept 17th.  He has been in your 8th house of endings and intimate Partners and Joint resources.  You may have felt some losses.  Remember in order to grow sometimes something needs to be pushed aside.  Once Saturn returns to Sagittarius he enters your 9th house of New beginnings.  Now let’s have some fun!  New experiences and adventures and even some new skills.  Go traveling!  The full Moon on the 3rd may bring someone into your life. In your 5th house of Lovers and Playmates, keep your eyes open if you are single.  If you have a best buddy, go hold hands.  Venus in your house of secrets may have a romantic affair hard to resist.  Don’t act if there will be regrets.  Watch for everything to go your way especially Feb 20th.  Venus arrives in your sign as well as the Moon and Mars.  Money is flowing!  Watch for fireworks the 20th and 21st.  Step back on those days and stay chilled! Maybe stay out of sight…hide behind a coconut tree!  But this is an upbeat months so get out and shake that body after!!!
Taurus:   Saturn:     All about the money 
Saturn left Scorpio in December 2014.  This Planet does not like to leave anything undone but he’s always fair.  From June 14th to Sept 17th Saturn revisits Scorpio but will spend the rest of the year in Sagittarius and things are much more light hearted. You’ve been working on one to one relationships and asking that you resolve all joint financial matters and now it’s time for a breather.  Feel that weight slide off our shoulders. Still financial issues linger as Saturn is in your 8th house of shared income, but this year you’ll be able to pursue your career goals without being distracted.  In February between the 19th and 21st, several Planets collide in red-hot Aires (impatience).  But you’ll be feeling the adrenaline and in your house of secrets watch out who you bat your eyes at.  Venus is influencing your friendships and in dreamy Neptune you may want to rub shoulders with everyone.  Venus is your ruling Planet and rules love and money matters and you’ll be tempted to spend a bit more than you should.  Until the 11th avoid signing anything legal or financially binding.  Then Mercury turns direct in Aquarius and your 10thhouse of career matters.  So just chill and then rev it up again and spin those creative, lovely mental wheels. 
Gemini:   Saturn:     Reach out to others     
Saturn, since December has been in Sagittarius and will be most of the year. This is a lighter sign and you are going to be feeling a sense of relief. However, from June 14th through Sept 17th It will slip back into task master Scorpio and it will give you a chance to straighten anything out that has been nagging you or left undone.  Asset your rights and then move on. From then on Saturn is in your house of one to one relationships.  You will not be mulling over the past but reaching forward and being present with the people in your life or that you are meeting. You are after experiences now and lots of them.  In February, the Full Moon on the 3rd moves into Leo that fiery sign.  You’ll be surprised at how chatty you can be (even more than your normal verbal being).  Use your gift and brighten up someone’s life!  ON the 20th with Venus and Mars and the Moon meeting up you’ll be taking charge of a matter (maybe someone else dropped the ball).  Don’t ruffle feathers though.  February 8th is good for investing as well as letting an authority figure know how awesome you are.  Get ready for social overload between the 19th and 22nd.  What a fun and breezy month….celebrate!
Cancer:   Saturn:   Work is skyrocketing!
Saturn is the Planet of rules and regulations.  He likes to be prepared.  He has been through your 5th house of Lovers. Now he has moved on into Sagittarius and your focus is on Work.  However, between Jun 14 and Sept 17th he will fall back into relentless Scorpio so deal with any disagreements between a Lover, Playmate or Child then.  Time to settle it!  Then Saturn will be back into Sagittarius for 2 ½ years in your 6th house of work.  Expect overtime, advancement or the urge to go independent. That Hobby of making straw hats for the lizards could become lucrative.  In February the new Moon on the 18th is in unpredictable Aquarius.  Time to analyze expenses, is everyone pulling their weight?  Some quiet talks will be helpful. Around the 20th, Venus will have you feeling very compassionate…to everyone and everything!  Reach out to even the limping land crabs.  Jupiter in your 2nd house of personal finances means you’ve probably been thinking a lot about those green backs.  If money is rolling in, maybe you are spending too much or if times are slim, well cut back on the bar tab!  Several Planets are urging you to be independent, make a name for yourself.  You Rock so step up and know the Planets have your back!
Leo:     Saturn:     Time for some Fun 
For the past 2 ½ years Saturn has been a task mater and in Scorpio the stress has been on domestic matters in your 4th house.  Has your personal and professional life demanded you manage the needs of everyone?  You’ve become even better at multi tasking and problem solving.  Now Saturn has moved to a lighter sign (Sagittarius) and most of the year things will be a breath of fresh air.  June 14th to Sept 17th it revisits Scorpio so finish up unfinished business then.  It will return back to your 5th house of fun times.  It’s going to be gratifying and now you, the Leader can lead the dance.  In February (24th and 25th) an answer will appear that you’ve been searching or battling for.  Show that you are in charge.  The New Moon (again) occurs in your 7th house of relationships.  Time to make some serious changes.  Could be how you present yourself when you meet others.  Time to wash those shorts?  Beware of over extending between 19th and 22nd.  Venus meets Mars and you could go a bit wild.  Spend that money on experiences.  The Full Moon says be true to yourself.  Take care of your health and create a more positive lifestyle. Enjoy the Saturn fun! 
Virgo:     Saturn:     All about the Home
Saturn is now in Sagittarius and your 4th house of home, family matters and emotions.  It will briefly revisit Scorpio from June 14th through Sept 17th
While in Scorpio you’ll be hard at work on your domestic situation. Renovate that nest or at least sweep.  Possibly a move is in the cards or a new addition.  If so check it out thoroughly, what’s living under that Casa?  And where does the water find it’s way in?  Once Saturn is back in Sagittarius (which is a lighter sign and more joyful)  you’ll be working on those family issues and emotions too.  In February on the 24th, it’s time to settle that squabble between yourself and a dear one.  You’ll be calm though and you can finally decide exactly whose coffee cup that is with the purple Dolphin.  February 19-22 Virgo lights up your love life with 3 Planets in Aires colliding…could be fiery too so don’t burn down the house.  At the same time don’t take all your money out from under the bed to spend.  And don’t go into debt at the chocolate Store.  Wait a day before making a decision.  The New Moon (18th) in your 6th house of work and health will motivate you to make some changes. Clean up your act and diet!  Or move some muscles that you have not for some time.  If you are already in motion on this you are seeing positive results, slap on the back!!!! February is looking like a fun, romantic and productive month, enjoy it!
Libra:     Saturn:     Speak your mind! 
The year began with Saturn in Sagittarius and it will remain there this year except a relapse into Scorpio (June 14th-Sept12).  Truthful Sagittarius will have you speaking up since Saturn is in your 3rd house of communications and conversations.  Now is not the time to dance around and be nice.  For 2 years now the Lion will come out of you and you’ll be stepping out and speaking up.  Lots of time to practice this skill.  Saturn is practical and realistic but he sprinkles in some humor so you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.  Teaching could allow you to use your voice and Saturn loves to instruct or maybe some writing too?  When Saturn revisits Scorpio it is time to go back and revisit your personal finances.  Clean house there now.  Maybe a worker Ant Accountant could help you crunch those numbers again.  Best do it now so you can move on and concentrate all that verbal warfare.  In February your 5th house of Playmates and relationships with kids gets a boost with the 8th New Moon.  New beginnings there and a new interest in someone’s life.  Could be unexpected circumstances that draw you together.  Enjoy!  3 Planets in aggressive Aires and your one to one relationship house could get some sparks flying around the 19-22.  Let them fly!  Go ahead and vent and splurge a bit too since Saturn is not squeezing your wallet as closely.  Full Moon (3rd) makes you a bit dramatic since it is in Leo but nothing wrong with a bit of attention…enjoy
Scorpio:   Saturn:   Focus on Money 
Saturn for years now has had you dealing with personality and appearance.  You are ready for a break.  Now, since late December, Saturn has moved on from your sign into the lighter Sagittarius.  Saturn is the serious Planet but now in this new sign things will smooth out.  Yeah!  If you’ve learned your lessons Saturn will see that you are rewarded.  Learning to take charge when the need arises builds character. You’ll have one more chance, June 14th to Sept 17 to finish this Authority issue up but the rest of the year and for another 2 years, Saturn in your 2nd house of money maters and profession will have your attention change.  Best to get everything in order and since this sign is in charge of Value systems you’ll become even more aware of what’s important to you.  In February you’ll begin to feel more relaxed and enjoy yourself.  On the 1st, with Venus and Neptune in your house of lovers, you’ll possibly see love at first sight but don’t sail off to St. Barts just yet!  On the 23rd even if making ends meet seems challenging remember to be patient.  Sometimes the right person or opportunity pops up just the next day.  Be watching for miracles.  A pack of Planets in Aires and work may be heated up.  Sit tight and watch for options.  Everything turns out as it should. That hammock is calling, enjoy! 
Sagittarius:    Saturn:   You are coming alive 

For 2 ½ years, Saturn has been in your 12th house, even though you haven’t been keenly aware of his influence.  He has been working on you.  You have a new Perspective and attitude about the deeper side of life.  Has meditation, yoga and new habits been steering you?  All can help build a healthy and solid game plan for the future.  Even being alone this past year has been healing. In late December Saturn moved on into Sagittarius and life is getting lighter.  Except for a short period June 14th to Sept 17th, you are now ready to stop hibernating.  Now you’ll be out and about and taking charge.  Maybe learn a new skill for a new lifestyle.  Your mood will reflect this too.  You have a new-found inner authority, gorgeous you!  In February several Planets are in Aires, a sign you love.  Maybe take some chances, especially in relationships.  Be sure you are ready.  The 19th -22nd you’ll get that urge to climb on a plane, you do love travel and adventure.  There will be helpful people this month when it comes to financial dilemmas.  Make sure you listen, they are on your side.  Lots of passion this month in conversations, too.  Hang at the end of the dock with that beer, chat it up!  Cheers to February.

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