How To Foster The Spirit of Giving in Children

‘Tis the season.  For shopping and wish lists, and going into debt.  It doesn’t have to be though.  It can be about giving. You get to decide what constitutes holiday traditions in your home. It doesn’t have to be a consumerama every year.

How To Foster the spirit of giving in children

I get the shivers when I see kids frantically tearing the paper from piles of gifts at birthdays and Christmas. Their little zombie eyes glazed as they quickly look over the new toy and toss it aside so they can unwrap the next. Blech. I feel it’s my responsibility to prevent my daughter from becoming an ungrateful little wretch. Is it even possible? I love to celebrate Christmas and birthdays, but I don’t want the celebrations to be about acquiring stuff.

We are so fortunate

North Americans are blessed to have been born with a relative silver spoon compared to so many. I know this in a way that many who haven’t seen much of the world may never fully understand. I have seen true financial poverty and desperation. I have also seen people living with next to nothing who still give to others with no need for recognition or any hope of being paid back. We live like kings compared to a great part of humankind. We should be making an effort to raise a generation who will take nothing for granted and will work against hunger and suffering.

On the Right Track

A few years ago, a friend posted on facebook that her seven year old daughter was given $100, and the opportunity to do something good with it. She did a little research and figured out that the $100 would feed 700 people at the food bank. There was a run walk fundraiser about to begin for the local food bank, so she was able to set up a sponsorship page. Her goal was to turn her $100 donation into $400 and she easily reached and surpassed this goal! This warmed my heart and continues to give me hope. Watch for, and encourage kids that are on the right track!



When you’re at the grocery store picking up your favorite cereal, grab a few extras for the food bank. Take your kids with you to drop off dry goods donations and talk about what it means to help families who are hungry. Click here for a coupon for our favorite – Honey Bunches of Oats®

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Give Experiences Instead of Stuff

Instead of giving kids piles of gifts, give them experiences. A terrific experience gift is a movie ticket.  We love going to the movies.  Offspring is six, so of course we never miss an animated feature film, and can’t wait to see SING© in theaters starting December 21st 2016.