10 Fun Things to do with Kids in Calgary

Calgary is known as the center of the Canadian oil industry. It also plays host to the Calgary Stampede, an agricultural exhibition influenced by western culture, leading to the nickname ‘Cowtown.’ But are there fun things to do with kids in Calgary?

The tourism industry in Calgary has provided everything you would want for children of different ages. Whether you want an amusement park or a tour of a historic village, Calgary has it for you. It also has zoos and parks for children who do not want to get too involved in the activities of the day. Here are the top 10 fun things to do with kids in Calgary.

10 Fun Things to do with Kids in Calgary

1. The Calgary Zoo

The Panda is one of the favorite animals for kids. Its flurry coat, big black spots around the eyes, and love for engaging children make the Calgary Zoo a prime attraction for children. The zoo has more than 100 animal species that children cannot see anywhere else.

Previously, the zoo featured two adult pandas. Two cubs have joined the family, offering more fun to children and visitors. The zoo offers different packages including exclusive access to the pandas over breakfast upon prior booking. Other animal attractions include Penguin Plunge and the flightless birds in an environment that mimics their natural habitat. The zoo is rewarding to parents and their children alike.

10 Fun Things to do with Kids in Calgary

2. Calgary Tower

The Calgary tower is more than 50 years old. It remained the go-to place for visitors and locals who wanted a 360 degrees view of the city. It is therefore designed to accommodate visitors looking to have a bird’s eye view of Calgary. You and your kids, therefore, have a shortcut to tour the city or get your bearing from one point.

The Calgary Tower features a glass floor for viewers to see what is happening in the city below. You will also enjoy a meal at SKY 360, a restaurant that rotates every 45 minutes to give you a different view. As a bonus, your entry fee to the observation tower will be waived if you make a restaurant reservation. This is definitely the best deal you will get anywhere.

3. Telus Spark

If your kids are into science, this should be the place to go. It features exciting hands-on exhibits for kids. Beyond the kids seeing the science items on display, they will engage in scientific-art. For instance, they can paint using the latest digital equipment. The Creative Kids Museum is also open for kids who want to experiment on a few art and science projects.

The most unique attraction at the Spark is the bed of nails. It is a science experiment designed to demonstrate that you can sleep on a bed of nails as long as your weight is evenly distributed. There is a toilet-shaped fountain inviting everyone to drink. Will you?

4. Calaway Park

It is the biggest amusement park in Western Canada. It features 33 rides, all designed uniquely. The rides range from roller coasters to bumpy boat rides. The park also features daily performances, mini-golf, and live concerts, among other attractions.

5. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

The 36 acres sanctuary is located along the Bow River. It is a protected area with more than 270 bird species that are rare to find anywhere else. The sanctuary is a great destination for adventure lovers. The kids will spend time hunting for rare bird species while at the same time learning important geography lessons.

The tour begins at the Nature Center where you are introduced to the birds you are likely to see while on the tour. The birds change with seasons, offering variety every time you visit. You will walk the loop with trails that will lead you to different destinations depending on the choices you make. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers.

6. Hangar Flight Museum

Is your kid into the science of aviation? The Hangar Flight Museum will help to fuel the passion for the skies. The museum changed its name from the Aero Space Museum of Calgary to capture the variety of attractions you will witness. It features all the aircraft you can imagine across generations. It is an interesting attraction for adults as well.

7. Bow River Pathway Network

You will need a bike or skating shoes to tour this place. The kids will love taking on the network on skaters or using bikes. The bike pathway is an iconic landmark for Calgary. The network covers more than 850kms, giving you the widest cycling network for any city on the continent.

There are numerous areas to rent a bicycle if you did not carry yours along. Hotels also offer bicycles as a package when you book. The network will take you to all the iconic places you have heard in Calgary. It is the perfect choice for eco-tourists visiting Calgary.

8. Banff Upper Hot Springs

How about a dip into a natural bathtub? It is considered the crown jewel for Calgary. It is located just a 90-minute drive from the city. You have breathtaking mountain scenery in the background. Children will love swimming in the natural hot springs. The water is directed into different pools and kept between 27 and 47 degrees. Once you are done, head to the top of the mountain and learn a bit about the history of the park.

9. Heritage Park

It is a trip down memory lane. It is a replica of the town as it was in 1910. You even encounter an aboriginal encampment. Your kids will enjoy the ride on a real steam engine around the park. This is an unforgettable experience. Allow professional online writing company to take over your kid’s homework to create more time for them to tour Calgary and other places around the world.

10 Fun Things to do with Kids in Calgary

10. Drumheller Badlands

Hunt for dinosaur fossils at the Drumheller badlands. It is one of the rare historical valleys that you might not encounter anywhere else. The kids have a chance to take away dinosaur replicas from the museum.

Calgary is an endless treasure island for local and foreign tourists. There is something for kids and adults throughout the year. The food and friendly people in Calgary make every visit memorable and worthwhile.

10 Fun Things to do with Kids in Calgary

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