Green Power – Harnessing The Energy of a Toddler

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If Only I Could Bottle It And Sell Toddler Energy

Those are words we’ve heard all our lives about a myriad of products or concepts.  The latest one I’d like to put out there is the need to capture and store the relentless energy of my toddler.  I feel certain she could power the block we live on, at least during the 10 to 12 hours a day that she is in constant motion.

fearless toddler

Like all toddlers, Vivi has the firm belief that she is the center of the universe and does her best to effectively keep all her planets and satellites in orbit by spinning tirelessly.  Her gravitational pull can be felt even when she’s sleeping because she constantly radiates cuteness. I can’t stand to be away from her.

Energy Adjacent

Perhaps as an older mother, (my ob/gyn says the term is geriatric), I am more aware of the enormous gap in our energy levels.  I think I do absorb some of hers just by being close to her, in the same way enthusiasm can be contagious. She is like an inductive charging mat, boosting my levels just by my proximity to hers.

Two Speeds

She has only two speeds, WFO and asleep. Even when I try to get her to mellow out and watch an episode of Dora she wiggles and dances nonstop. Who am I kidding? If I could bottle it, I probably would guard it with my life and mainline it when I get up at 4:30am to write!!

high speed toddler

Edited Oct 29, 2019
This was my first blog post when I started my mommy blog in February of 2012. I had no idea what I was doing, as a new parent, and as a blogger, but I felt compelled to share. I’m glad I did, because today I’m part of a travel blogging team with this kid who inspired it all.

Screenshots from the way way back machine of what my site looked like.

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