Lindeman Lake, BC a Vancouver Side Trip

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Vancouver is famous for the Grouse Grind, St. Mark’s Summit, Eagle Bluffs, and Quarry Rock to name just a few, but some of them, I’m looking at you Quarry Rock, can be too jam packed. Visitors to Vancouver looking for some great hiking may want to venture off the beaten path and check out Lindeman Lake, near Chilliwack.

We’re in South Surrey near the border so for us it’s an hour and a half drive to the trailhead, add about another half hour if you’re coming from Vancouver.

The hike is only 3.4km, about 2 hours round trip, but it’s still a good workout. There is some boulder scrambling so you’ll want grippy shoes. Vivi was wearing Converse and slid off a boulder and landed hard on her butt. The boys each took a tumble too.

At the lake there are toilets and camping platforms. There’s also a food rig to run your food up and out of reach of bears. Yeah, this is bear and cougar country, so you don’t want to leave anything tempting laying around.

The lake is gorgeous and ICY cold. I waded in to cool off my plantar fasciitis and it helped immensely. The lake is 20 meters at its deepest point. We spent about an hour at the lake before heading back down.

We saw some hikers arrive with fishing gear and it turns out the lake is home to a population of Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout, and Rainbow Trout.

If you’re looking for a more strenuous hike, you can continue on another 6km to Greendrop Lake.

There’s also a 20k loop you can do that includes Lindeman Lake, Greendrop Lake and Flora Lake.

The day we did the hike – we got up on a Monday morning feeling a little out of sorts and my sister suggested we play hooky and go do a hike she’d been bugging us about for over a year. My Dad and my daughter were both into it, so I called Vivi’s school to let them know she had better things to do on a sunny June day. We convinced our adventurous friend Nikki to bring her boys along too.

There’s no cel service up there so be sure to let someone know you’re going and have a check in plan in place.

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Hiking Lindeman Lake, BC a Vancouver Side Trip

Lindeman Lake, BC a Vancouver Side Trip

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  1. What a beautiful spot for a family visit! I need to add this to my list of places to visit when we go to Vancouver.

  2. Wow, Such a beautiful place to visit and I want to go there I should add this on my lists.

  3. What a lovely spot for a getaway. We are heading up to New Hampshire in a few weeks and I am looking forward to similar views.

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