Living the Snowbird Life – A Summer Update

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Lizzie Lau

Living in the desert is wonderful for most of the year, but in summer, when temperatures are in the triple digits we can’t hack it.  Offspring was born in the desert, but she can’t stand the heat any more than I can. So, we fly north every summer with the snowbirds.  Summer in Canada is divine.  The older I get, the more I appreciate home.  The only things that keep me from living in Canada are the short winter days and the cost of living.

The weather has been phenomenal though local friends are whining that it hasn’t really been summer at all.

Drop Zone Reunion

Among the many highlights of the summer was watching my BFF Lisa’s 15-year-old daughter Teeks do her first skydive at a drop zone where they came to watch me jump when Teeks was just 6 weeks old!

skydiving collage

The Best Fish & Chips

We got to introduce friends from Kauai to our favorite fish gettin’ place in Vancouver called “Go Fish”.  It’s a corrugated steel hut that puts out the best, freshest halibut and chips around.  Near Granville Island on West 1st right at the fishing docks.  We arrived early and stood in line nearly 25 minutes waiting for them to open at noon.  It was worth the wait.  They use Granville Island beer in the batter, and it’s just delicious.  My friend Margaret had a scrumptious grilled oyster po’ boy and Bill said his meal was sensational too.

Family Time

My cousin Jessica, her husband Rishi, and their darling six month old daughter Svara arrived to borrow the Bigfoot camper and drive through the Rocky Mountains to visit Banff and Jasper.  We put on a mixed grill bbq for them and had a really nice visit.   They are moving to Kashmir, where Rishi is from, and I’m not sure when we’ll see them next.  We may have to plan a trip over there!  India is definitely on my bucket list.

Summer Goals

I’ve been keeping busy writing, though obviously not on this blog!  I’ve written and sold 185 articles.  I was hoping I’d be able to write more up here because Offspring is contained in the yard with a playground, sandbox, trampoline, paved area for bikes and scooters, sprinklers, slip and slide, and much more.  However, it turns out I have to be a full time referee.  So, when she is awake we play and when she is asleep I try to get some work done.  I’m ok with that.  I’m enjoying my time with her beyond measure.

I feel like one lucky Mama!