Travel Bucket List – 36 Countries So Far

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Lizzie Lau

This is a list of places I’ve been, followed by my bucket list of all the places I plan to visit. The way I travel has changed dramatically over the years. Now as a single mom to a 9 year old daughter I struggle a bit with finding the appropriate level of adventure for her without

Next bucket list destinations:

Halifax, Barcelona, Mallorca

Where I’ve been:

Australia – Expo 88, Brisbane, Sydney, Surfer’s Paradise, Ranch in the Blue Mountains

Austria – 1983 (with parents), 1995 (5 month backpacking trip), 2006 (motorcycle tour)

Bahamas, The – worked on a liveaboard dive boat for 4 years

Bay Islands (& Mainland Honduras) – worked on a private yacht based there for 4.5 years

Belgium – 1995 (backpacking)

Belize – 1994 Road Trip, 2005 on a private yacht

Canada – born – traveled between Vancouver and Toronto several times, never east of Quebec

Czech Republic – Visited friends in 2006

Cuba – A stopover between Roatan and Milan – long enough for coffee and a sandwich.

El Salvador – I stopped here frequently en route from Honduras to Guatemala

England (UK) – 1983 (with parents), 1995 (5 month backpacking trip)

Fiji – 1988, Blue Lagoon Cruise and a stay in Nadi

Finland – 2017 (with parents and Offspring)

France – 1983 (with parents), 1995 (5 month backpacking trip, moved in with a boy in Paris, took a job in Nice)

Germany – 1983 (with parents), 1995 (5 month backpacking trip), 2006 (motorcycle tour)

Guatemala – 2 years 

Hungary – 1995 (5 month backpacking trip)

Italy – 1983 (with parents), 2006 (motorcycle tour) Upper Italian Lakes, Tuscany & Umbria, 2008 Milan for Nikki Beach

Japan – 1985 exchange student

Kuwait – visa run while I was living in UAE

Liechtenstein – 1983 (with parents) stopped for gas on a road trip

Isle of Man – 1995 (5 month backpacking trip)

Mexico – worked on a private yacht based there for 6 years – 5 in Cozumel, 1 in Isla Mujeres

Monaco – 1983 (with parents)

New Zealand – 2001 Motorcycle trip, Louis Vuitton Cup

Portugal – 1995 (5 month backpacking trip)

Qatar – visa run while I was living in UAE

Republic of San Marino

Scotland (UK) – 1983 (with parents)

Spain – 1995 (5 month backpacking trip – including Canary Islands with Mom)

Sweden – 2017 (with my parents and Offspring)

Switzerland – 1983 (with parents), 1995 (5 month backpacking trip), 2006 (motorcycle tour)

United Arab Emirates – 5 months in 1996/97 on a Garlington sport-fishing yacht

United States – all but 13 states in the NE (including Hawaii and Alaska)

Venezuela – 1997 Skydiving Boogie Mil8 Helicopter 15 jumps in Higuerote

Wales (UK) – 1983 (with parents), 1995 (5 month backpacking trip)

my Bucket List:

Bosnia and HerzegovinaBrazilBulgaria
Cook IslandsCroatiaCuraçao
CyprusDenmarkDominican Republic
Dad lived in Belfast as a kid
Marshall IslandsMicronesiaMontenegro
Puerto RicoSerbiaSeychelles
South AfricaThailandTurkey
Turks & CaicosUruguayVanuatu
Viet Nam

Also, but left out of the table because it didn’t fit properly: Lesser Antilles (Barbados, Saint Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Aruba, Martinique, Saint Barths, Virgin Islands)