5 Road Trip Safety Tips During COVID-19

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The coronavirus outbreak has hit the tourism sector hard, and many countries have imposed international travel restrictions. The crucial question is – till when? How long will it take to see restrictions lifted? For now, local road tripping within your home country, state, or province is the way to go. Here we’ve put together a list of 5 road trip safety tips to help you travel during Covid-19.

1. plan your route

It’s important to plan your route with safety in mind. There are several factors to consider before finalizing your tour location. We recommend the following tips when it comes to picking a spot.

  • Go through quarantine rules and travel restrictions for your destination. Some states ask visitors to stay within the same city for 10 to 14 days upon your arrival. This currently includes California, Florida, Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and much more. So, choose the destination, keeping in mind the duration of your vacation.
  • Check the number of active and recovered COVID 19 cases in that particular region. Make sure there is a steady decline in the rates of cases. It would be reckless to head to an area that is recording a spike in Covid-19 cases.
  • Go through the local health department site to review the current pandemic conditions and regulations for that region.
  • Pick a destination where there is a small number of local transmissions.

Apart from checking the safety protocols of your destination, you also need to consider these factors when planning your stops at hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and restrooms along the way.

Use Google Maps to discover the best spots along your route that can meet your needs without compromising on safety measures. You’ll find recent user feedback on hotels, eateries, and pharmacies on the app to hit a break in the safe area.

2. Load up Travel Gear

Your travel mates, destination, and route sorted? It’s time to consider your travel equipment. A backpack with all the essentials geared on the defender 90 roof rack of your vehicle could go a long way. Here’s a complete checklist of supplies you must travel with during a coronavirus outbreak.

  • Washable masks, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and disinfectant wipes are the most common protective gear to carry and stay safe from the virus. They can significantly decrease the odds of getting infected.
  • Carry enough water bottles and road trip snacks to limit your need to make stops as much as possible.
  • Bags for disposing of used supplies are the next vital thing that you pack up in your bag.
  • Amid the road-tripping, you will end up at some eateries and public restrooms. Hence, remember to load toilet seat sprays or wipes.
  • Additionally, stack the crumbly stuff in disposable bags often. In this way, your car interiors stay clean throughout the journey.
  • What if somebody gets sick during the journey? Of course, nobody wants that. So, prepare yourself in advance by keeping resources available for such unfortunate circumstances. Add multivitamins and immunity boosters in the first aid box.
  • A portable charger is a valuable decision for the sake of emergencies. It’ll keep your devices fueled up for online transactions, booking e-tickets, and reading maps.

3. Booking Accommodation

Check the website of the hotel before booking your accommodations. It’ll help to determine how they’re responding to COVID-19 safety rules and regulations. Ensure they adhere to the guidelines declared under the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s new Safe Stay.

If you need to make an unscheduled overnight stop look for hotels that have equipped their employees with all the necessary personal protective gear. They are more likely to take better care of guests. Also, the inn or hotel must have plexiglass placed at reception. Go for hotels that allow online check-in and use your phone as a room key.

4. Be Extra Careful in Restaurants and Restrooms

Some states are now allowing restaurants to reopen their dine-in services. In that case, you can opt for restaurants with limited seating capacity. We recommend stopping over at notable fast-food chains. You can go to Taco Bell, McDonald’s, or Pizza Hut, as their staff is following all the hygiene standards. Also, some restaurants are only offering drive-through and takeaway services. Thus, they are a more reliable option during these hard times.

Further, in case a need to use a public restroom arises, wear a mask. Also, maintain 6 ft—physical distance from other individuals standing in the queue. Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible, grab a paper napkin to hold the door handles before you enter and exit. Avoid spending more than 10 minutes in the washroom. Before you head back to your car, wash your hands properly with soap and water for 20 seconds. Remember, using a towel to dry your hands is better than using the automatic hand dryer. Since the hand dryer can disperse particles further.

5. Do Contactless Payments

If possible, try to use a credit card or digital payment mode to pay wherever possible (though we will suggest everywhere). This strategy can give you more protection by not coming in contact with someone while making cash payments. Additionally, read the terms and conditions put up by your credit card company. It prevents payouts in situations due to their new clauses.

Final Words

We are hopping on the bandwagon of optimism – for a world where COVID 19 infection is no longer a pandemic. No doubt, from an off-the-map getaway to a long-due road trip, the way we tour around at any corner of the world has changed. So, travel but with proper caution. As far as you follow these road trip safety tips, you can resume your travel journey – safe and sound.

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5 Road Trip Safety Tips During COVID-19

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