8 Perfect Vancouver Vacation Spots for You and Your Family

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Vancouver is a vibrant west coast city, located in British Columbia, Canada. A melting pot of cultures and surrounded by majestic mountains, Vancouver has a thriving art, theatre, and music scene. You and your family can also relax and explore nature with recreational parks and scenic views. Here are eight of the best Vancouver vacation spots to check out when you and your family visit this beautiful city.


This park is located approximately 30 kilometers northwest of downtown Vancouver and features many hiking trails, winter recreation facilities, and scenic wildlife viewing.

Cypress Provincial Park is one of the most heavily visited parks in the provincial park system. It has an impressive diversity of natural features, old-growth forest, and opportunities for outdoor recreation all year long.

It’s the site of the freestyle skiing and snowboarding events for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The access road enters at an elevation of 300 meters. You first drive through a coastal Douglas fir forest, and at 800 meters elevation, the forest gradually changes.

As you reach the ridge tops at 1,300 meters above sea level, the forest is predominantly mountain hemlock, amanitas fir, and yellow cypress, which is what the park is named after.

Take a moment to destress, and bring yourself back to homeostasis by overlooking the gorgeous scenery. And depending on the age and aptitude of your kids, a hike through the forest can be a great activity for the whole family.


In the 1970s, Granville Island was a predominantly industrial area. Today it is one of the most popular public spaces in the city.
This urban waterfront location has a deep industrial and maritime history, Granville Island attracts millions of visitors each year from Vancouver and around the world.

The creations of many of Canada’s best designers and artists can be found in the Railspur District and Net Loft Shops. Stroll with the kids (and maybe a stroller) while you browse for unique items or gifts for your loved ones.

Granville Island is a great place to go for food, shopping, and culture. The variety of sights and culinary options offers something for everyone.


The aquarium has been welcoming guests since it first opened in 1956. It features more than 65,000 animals in 35 exhibits. Touch tanks and interactive exhibits allow you and your children to learn about the animal kingdom up close and personal.

The Vancouver Aquarium cares for and preserves marine life and their habitats. The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, which is the only one in Canada, offers help for marine mammals in distress. The whole family can learn about the importance of wildlife preservation.

Children and adults will definitely enjoy viewing underwater creatures and the 4D theatre!


Vancouver vacation spots Museum of Anthropology
Photo by Nick Kwan on Unsplash

The Museum of Anthropology (MOA) is located on the campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC) and is one of the largest anthropology museums in the world.

Explore one of the most comprehensive collections of Northwest Coast Native American artifacts and art. It’s a great way for children to learn about modern and contemporary indigenous peoples.

Instead of exhibiting works according to their provenance, usage or type, MOA arranges works according to indigenous criteria.

Some objects are collected because of their historical significance, others are collected for their beauty, and others are collected for their utility.

These different types of collections embody the idea that there is never just one way of knowing and seeing the world, like how daily tarot readings can provide you with insights.


Stanley Park is the largest urban park in Vancouver, spanning 400 hectares. There are many trails to explore, like the paved seawall destination walk that circles the entire park, and trails in the forest like Merilees Trail.

Stanley Park is a great place for a day out with the family. Bring a picnic, take a hike or leisurely stroll, and enjoy the outdoors.

The park is home to totem poles, the Vancouver Aquarium, beaches, and sites for sporting activities like tennis and golf.

Take a ride on the Stanley Park Train to see the sights. Don’t forget to snap a picture of Lion’s Gate Bridge at Prospect Point Lookout, or stop at the playgrounds and Variety Kids Water Park.


The Vancouver Art Gallery was founded in 1931 and is home to art by Canadian and international artists.

Its innovative, thought-provoking exhibitions, extensive public programming, and emphasis on advanced scholarship all focus on the historical and contemporary art of British Columbia and international centres.

The Vancouver Art Gallery is a great place for adults and children to see the accomplishments of First Nations artists and the art of the Asia Pacific region.

The gallery also hosts special exhibitions throughout the year. There are many beautiful and thought-provoking things to see at the gallery.

The gallery’s programs also explore the impacts of images in the larger sphere of visual culture, architecture, and design. Check out the permanent collection galleries, see an exhibition, attend one of the many educational programs, or enjoy some time out on the patio.


This natural wonder is located just outside of North Vancouver on Highway Drive. Cruise by for spectacular views of the city and the North Shore Mountains.

Take the family on a short walk from the parking lot along the river to the lookout point for great views of the canyon.

The lush coastal rainforest and steep walls of Capilano River Park are unforgettable. As you walk beneath towering Douglas firs and western red cedars, you will forget you are in a large North American city.

The tall trees, cool mountain breezes, serenity of the surroundings, and proximity of Vancouver’s vibrant cultural and entertainment district combine to create a truly memorable experience for the whole family.


Science World is a not-for-profit science centre aimed toward children, the centre encourages learners of all ages to connect with nature through its unique and innovative exhibition, programs, and learning experiences.

It does this through hands-on exhibits and galleries that foster a sense of wonder and discovery, and it inspires a deeper understanding of the natural world and our place within it.

Participants in Science World’s outreach programs get access to the amazing experience of visiting Science World via a live stream from scientists, and a weekly after-school STEAM mentorship.

These eight Vancouver vacation spots offer a variety of options for you and your family to experience a memorable trip to one of North America’s most beautiful, vibrant cities.

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8 Perfect Vancouver Vacation Spots for You and Your Family

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