Best Family Cycling Holiday Destinations

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Do you want to give your kids a summer vacation they will never forget? Do you want to take them on a two-wheeled adventure in new lands with the family? Don’t miss our list of 6 best family cycling holiday destinations. 

One thing to note before we get started, in case you are traveling by car, consider equipping a bike rack for carrying bikes with your trip.

Bicycle Tracks of Catalonia 

The first destination that many families often think of are Catalonia’s bike path. When you decide to come here, you and your family can cycle around the lush green Garrotxa volcano. 

Although it is a volcanic region, it has many trees that always bring a good feeling to the drivers. The path is also flat and enjoyable enough at the bumpy stretches. This will make your journey more enjoyable. 

Alternatively, you can cycle along the old train tracks between Olot and the coast. You should also not forget to enjoy Olot’s rich cultural heritage. 

Best Family Cycling Holiday Destinations

This place will bring you a breathtaking space; your family can both watch the sea and visit this old train car. After some wild rides, let your family settle down by spending a free day in Girona with its magnificent church or enjoying the peace by exploring the waterfalls at Moli D’en Murri. Finally, let your tour wrap up in the coastal town of Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

Camel trail in Cornwall 

If you want to go on a long enough journey and explore many wonders, start your journey with 18 miles with different sections of the camel trail in Cornwall. This stretch is known to be one of the most popular leisure routes in the country. 

Many families often choose this route for their children to ride a bicycle because it is safe enough and has a flat ride. The trail will lead you through a beautiful forest and the Camel Estuary. 

It also leads you to cross an old track on an old railway line. You will learn how historic time made this railway track. The trail runs from Padstow through Wadebridge to Bodmin Moor. 

Besides, your family can also thoroughly observe a lot of birds hiding along the road. There is nothing more wonderful than being able to cycle while watching birds on an ideal trail. This is a perfect way for your family members to get in touch with nature the most.

Hadrian’s Cycleway in United Kingdom

Cycling in the magnificent UK is also a unique idea for your family vacation. Imagine how fun it would be if you and all of your family members could cycle by Hadrian’s Wall near Birdoswald. 

This gives you a chance to see an archaeological excavation in Vindolanda. You can also challenge your children to cycle to the foot of Skedaddle and organize one of the boldest hikes. 

Then lead them on the safe, traffic-proof roads in Corbridge and cross the ‘Blinking Eye’ bridge in Newcastle. Your family can also try trampling from coast to coast and enjoy the cool ice cream trees in Tynemouth.

The Cuckoo Trail in Sussex

If city treks lack interest, try refreshing home with family bike rides. The Cuckoo Trail is a country bike ride that gives you a nostalgic feel of an 11-mile old railroad track. 

It is also one of the most popular routes for families because of the safe traffic density and flat roads. This trail is entirely free of traffic. Wildlife watchers will also get a chance to spot cuckoos at the traditional Heathfield Fair. 

Best Family Cycling Holiday Destinations

Sometimes you will be surprised by how these birds appear on the street while you are on the move. Besides, the trail is part of the National Bicycle Network – Road 21. 

This route will pass through Horam, Hailsham, and Polegate. Therefore, when choosing this route as a destination for your family bicycle travel experience, you can explore many different names.

The Lon Eifion Trail in North Wales

Challenge your child with both flat and hilly routes. Embark on an exciting family cycling journey from the stunning Caernarfon Castle, and you will experience the 12.5-mile Lon Eifion trail. 

This route curves around and follows the Wales Highland Railroad. While riding here, you can see the beautiful Caernarfon Bay and Snowdonia. Plus, this trail has a large enough space for you to observe the wonder of nature and the mountains’ beauty. 

One point that many people choose this route for their families is that it has absolutely no traffic, and your kids can ride safely without worrying about collisions. Also, this is a great family route with quaint castles. 

Besides, your kids also have the opportunity to try their hand at some hills as expected in Wales. They need to be mentally prepared and healthy to conquer these hills. However, there’s no need to worry as the high levels of hills are just right and won’t make your child feel depressed.

The Tarka Trail in North Devon

For a variety of family cycling vacation, don’t miss the Tarka Trail in North Devon. It has a multitude of routes to choose from, with 30 miles of trails to explore. You can take your family from nature trails to wide paths that run directly through villages. 

About 9 km long, the Barnstaple route to Bideford is an incredibly family-friendly route. You will also cycle through some of the beautiful North Devon coastlines. 

Almost all trails here are quickly flat. So all the way, you can ride your bike while observing the landscape without worrying about risks. Besides, you will also find lots of places to visit along the way. 

One of them is the ruins of the train tracks. This exit once ran along a route like the present-day Tarka Trail. You should also research the history of the way in advance to tell your child about the ride here. 

These routes also lead you through green forests where there is strange vegetation; you can easily let your children explore the surrounding nature while cycling. This will help your child have more knowledge of geography and physics.


A perfect vacation is when you and your family have both healthy and fun trips. With the above suggestions, such as the trail across the old The Tarka Trail in North Devon or the section over the beautiful bays- The Lon Eifion Trail in North Wales, you can consider your family plan to choose. We hope you agree that these are among the best family cycling holiday destinations.

Best Family Cycling Holiday Destinations

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