8 Things To Consider Before Your Florida Road Trip With Kids

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Are you planning to head to Florida? Are you wondering about the important things you need to consider before getting on the road? Read on to find out everything you must know about a Florida road trip with kids.

Florida, often known as the Sunshine State of America, is a popular tourist destination. The vibrant mix of beaches, theme parks, and endless parties attract people of all ages worldwide. If you are heading to Florida, a road trip can be ideal for exploring the big and unpredictable state.   

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Eight things you must know for a great Florida road trip with kids:

Whether you want to travel with your friends or family, a road trip can be a great bonding experience. It gives you an abundance of quality time with each other and the opportunity to make memories for life. If you want your Florida road trip to be an enjoyable and memorable experience, it is best to go prepared.

Here are eight tips that you should keep in mind:

1.       Hurricane season spans over six months:

Owing to the subtropical climate, Florida has an annual hurricane season that begins on June 1 and goes on till November 30. If you are visiting in the summers, be prepared for showers every day. There are times when the storms can form within a few days, which sometimes lead to massive thunderstorms and lightning. It is best to visit the state in June or July when the chances of storms are less likely. If a storm is approaching Florida, you must drive away from the storm’s projected path to stay safe.

2.       It is both hot and humid:

Although you may have read or heard a lot about Florida heat, it is also the humidity that comes with it. The subtropical climate can make the months of March to October extremely humid and downright swampy. You will have to bear with 90% humidity levels along with the occasional thunderstorms. When indoors, you will have to blast air conditioners to keep humidity away, but you might also need sweaters or blankets to keep you warm. Make sure you pack the right clothes as per the weather conditions. Kids will need lightweight layers. Always have them carry a cardigan to restaurants because it is usually freezing indoors. If you’re worried about carrying so much luggage, a Subaru roof rack will keep your bags safe and help you travel stress-free.

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3.       Take plenty of sunscreen:

When you are going on a Florida road trip, you will need sunscreen and lots of it. Given the high temperature, you can easily get sunburns while soaking up the sun. Even on overcast days, your skin can be adversely impacted by the ultraviolet rays reaching through the haze. Pack sunscreen with at least SPF 45 to keep yourself protected, even while you are driving. At the beach make sure to reapply sunscreen on the kids throughout the day. Always make sure your sunscreen doesn’t contain octinoxate or oxybenzone. These ingredients are harmful to coral reefs and are banned in many parts of the state. 

4.       Florida is huge:

If you are visiting there the first time, you might not know, but Florida is a huge state. The massive peninsula spans across an area of 170,312 km square. It includes many different regions – Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, The Keys, Central, and The Panhandle, each exhibiting a unique vibe. Since it is a peninsula, it can take a long time to travel from one place to another. It is best to keep time for the long drives you will have to take to reach your destinations, but the spectacular views will make it worth the while.  Make sure to download some Netflix shows for the kids to a tablet for the longer driving days.

5.       The roads are smooth but busy:

A majority of Florida roads are flat as well as smooth, offering you a great driving experience. The I-95 is well-maintained, with renovations going on to make it more comfortable and safe. While the roads allow you a smooth and sometimes fast driving experience, be prepared for the heavy traffic on Florida roads. It is best to avoid driving during rush hour if you are not a fan of sitting in traffic.   

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6.       Plan ahead to enjoy theme parks: 

You can’t go to Florida and not visit the theme parks in Orlando. Before you set out for the theme park extravaganza, ensure your trip is long enough to accommodate all the theme parks on your itinerary. Plan beforehand and book tickets in advance to skip standing in long lines and save time. Make use of the FastPass to get the most out of your Disney theme park tickets.

7.       Getting a SunPass will be handy:

Since you are on a road trip and will use your car to get around, a SunPass will help you do that with ease. It provides you easy access to Florida Turnpike and many other metropolitan cities. You can purchase it from the Florida welcome centers located around the borders of the state. 

8.       You’re never too far from a beach:

Another fascinating thing about the sunny state of Florida is that you are never far from the beach. If you believe the locals, there is always a beach within 60 miles. Although there are plenty of beaches, the experience might differ drastically. Even if you missed out on a beach while driving, fret not, for you will find another good beach a few miles ahead. The kids will love the days you spend at the beaches!

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Final Thoughts

Florida is an expansive state with something new to offer for everyone, from first-time visitors to regulars. The right balance of sun, sand, and mesmerizing views can make up for an ideal road trip experience.

8 Things To Consider Before Your Florida Road Trip With Kids

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