Sangria Sunday – Our Summertime Tradition

Shortly after we helped my parents move into their new home on 5 acres, I decided that this place is the perfect location for hosting Sangria Sunday.  It quickly became our summertime tradition.  Even guests who weren’t excited about the idea of drinking Sangria really enjoyed it – you know some people have a favorite … Read more

Living the Snowbird Life – A Summer Update

Living in the desert is wonderful for most of the year, but in summer, when temperatures are in the triple digits we can’t hack it.  Offspring was born in the desert, but she can’t stand the heat any more than I can. So, we fly north every summer with the snowbirds.  Summer in Canada is divine. … Read more

Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe

As promised, here is the recipe for the gluten free banana bread I have brought to a lot of our playgroups.  It is also the one I slice and dry in the food dehydrator to make biscotti. The texture is dense and moist. If you want to avoid dairy you can sub in applesauce for … Read more

Our Favorite Turkey Chili Recipe

My mom makes big batches of turkey chili and freezes it in small containers that are the perfect size for Vivi and I to share.  Here is her recipe: I was talking to some Mama friends about fussy eaters and we shared ways of sneaking veggies into everything we cook.  We hide veggies in: smoothies, muffins, … Read more

No Taking My Stethoscope!!

This evening in the car with my parents Vivi was babbling away when suddenly she said in a very firm, almost angry, voice,  “No Gammy.  Stop it.  No taking my stethoscope”.   She was making her Thunder Face as she said it.   It would have been crazy if she wasn’t actually holding a stethoscope. … Read more