“Frozen” Free Printables

Going to see the movie “Frozen” was a milestone for us.  It was Ebi’s first time seeing a movie on the big screen, and it was my first time going to the movie’s since I was pregnant with her.  That movie was also an animated feature, “How To Train Your Dragon”.

We went to see “Frozen” twice while we were up in Canada, and it coincided with several other firsts for Ebi.  First time seeing real snow, first time ice skating, sledding, skiing, and making snow angels.

Our motto became, “The cold never bothered me anyway.”  We giggled whenever we said it.  For me though it was an outright lie.  The cold didn’t bother me at all on this trip north, but it used to bother the shit out of me.  Cold weather and super short winter days always put me in a funk and were a big part of the reason I left Canada to live in the Caribbean in my early 20’s.  Seeing a winter wonderland through the eyes of a toddler put the magic back into it for me though.  I can see us spending more time on the mountain in the years to come.

We love to draw and paint, so there is always a ream of blank paper on Ebi’s drawing easel and a good selection of crayons, markers and pencil crayons, as well as stickers and glitter glue.  Sometimes it’s fun though to look for printable coloring pages and activities based on something we’re excited about.  Here are links to some great free “Frozen” printables:

Frozen Coloring Pages

Activity Sheets

Gift Tags


Valentine’s Cards

Party Printables

We are already planning a Frozen theme birthday party.  Now I just have to find a big snowflake piñata!