You Need These Weapons to Fight the Battle Against Sugar Addiction #FuelYourAwesome With Healthier Choices

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You Need These Weapons to Fight the Battle Against Sugar Addiction #FuelYourAwesome

Healthier Choices

You’re faced with too many choices every day.  We all are. There are times in my life (hello PMS) when I close my eyes and am immediately transported to a path I didn’t choose.  I see myself reclined on a massive polar bear skin rug where a rugged millionaire is feeding me an endless supply of cheetos.  That’s a story for another time … but you catch my drift, right? Choices.

If you have the tv on at any point during the day your brain is inundated with suggestions, and some of them are super compelling.  I can’t EVER see someone drinking coffee on tv without heading to the kitchen to turn on the espresso machine.  I’m that susceptible to the power of suggestion.  Plus I love coffee.  Offspring calls me a coffee monster.

Same goes for chocolate.  If there isn’t a healthy nugget of dark chocolate laying around when the craving hits, I’ve been known to creep in to my daughter’s room and dig through her Halloween candy, and yes it’s March and yes she still has a bucketful that she forgets about until I remind her by asking if I can help myself. She’s not a sugar junkie yet.

You Can Do Better

Fortunately, you can fortify your defenses against the mighty Shug, by stockpiling an arsenal of good for you goodies. Bulletproof’s Collagen Protein Bars are what have saved me from from making bad choices many times, and this week I got to try a new flavor.  Lemon cookie, my new favorite!  Now when my sweet tooth is triggered I have something delicious and nutritious to reach for.

If it’s salt you’re craving, try mixing your favorite hot sauce with some Brain Octane Oil and drizzle it on popcorn. I find that I need hardly any salt if I treat my tastebuds to spice.  A few of my favorites for popcorn are Tabasco Chipotle, or Franks Red. I recently found a treasure trove of hot sauce at a store in Tsawwassen Mills and they had a Jamaican sauce called Pickapeppa that I used to buy by the case when I lived in the Bahamas. My tastebuds were so happy!

Brain Octane Oil Picante Popcorn
Brain Octane Oil Picante Popcorn

Let Bulletproof #FuelYourAwesome

Even if you decide to make just a few small changes, a few healthier choices, it’s a step in the right direction. Make it easy on yourself by having the healthy options in your pantry, your purse, your glovebox. That way when the cravings hit, you can choose to satisfy it with something that won’t make you feel guilty and wreak havoc on your blood sugar!

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  1. That sugar monster is everywhere! Great to know there are choices like Bulletproof! Great post – thanks!

  2. Nice! I agree that these products are great at helping redirect sugar cravings. I myself have noticed I want sugar so much less these days now that I have my Bulletproof coffee every morning. I do still get the odd tinge but these bars sure help reduce the bad stuff I get into now. Thanks for sharing!

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