What does meditation look like to you?

What does meditation look like to you?

Has the word meditation been coming up a lot for you?

Maybe you’ve heard that meditation might help you with anxiety, sleeplessness, or some other issue?

Does it conjure up an image of flowing robes or a sitting in the lotus position?

Do you worry that it conflicts with your religious beliefs?

Is the idea perhaps a little too woo-woo for your comfort?

Let me tell you about my experience with meditation and hopefully demonstrate that there isn’t just one way to have a practice. YOU get to decide what it looks like to you.

Late last year I took a course called Awakening Your Inner Champion, taught by Ranbir Puar, Freedom Coach and TEDx Speaker. This year I’m promoting it as an affiliate and offering my readers a 10% discount on the course with this code: lizzie10

The course was 4 weeks long, and described as: designed to help you connect with your Inner Champion – the voice inside you that knows your dreams better than anyone else.  I would probably add a 2nd description to appeal to people like me that reads something like: how to empower your inner champion to kick your inner critic’s ass.

Each week we met online for a 60 minute interactive webinar, where we discussed, in the chat area, what our blocks were, what we hoped to achieve, and the empowering words that were best suited to each of us. If that sounds a little bit like group therapy, you’re not wrong.  Ranbir created a safe and comfortable space for us to open up and share with the group, though we were also free to just hang back and listen.

We  also received downloads of the meditations to use when and where we chose.

Meditate Wherever and Whenever You Want

Sleep is the best meditation. ~ the Dalai Lama

This is the important part. You can meditate whenever and wherever you want.  Save the meditations to your phone, and next time you’re stuck in traffic, instead of getting irate, tune in and chill out.  If you’re like me and only have a few quiet minutes in the morning before the kids get up, sit with your coffee and repeat your mantra, a word or phrase that Ranbir will help you come up with based on a positive action word to help you move forward in one or more areas of your life.

My roadblock lately has been what I call overwhelm paralysis – I have so much to do that I get overwhelmed and get very little of it done, so the list gets longer and even more overwhelming, until it feels like I’m spinning my wheels.  I want to be more productive, and efficient.  My mantra is focusing, and I begin each day taking deep breaths and thinking that word with each breath in and each breath out.

One of my favorite things is reading a good book in a hammock, but now before I read, sometimes I’ll take advantage of being relaxed and in a quiet spot and listen to a meditation. I’m not going to lie and say that I now have a regimented daily meditation practice.  I’m not a regimented kind of girl.  What I do have is a new weapon in my arsenal that I can use to battle anxiety, sleeplessness and procrastination.

Mind, Soul & Spirit

If you know me, you know that I am not into organized religion at all. I was raised by hippies who grew up in a fear of god religion, and refused, when I was a kid, to let me even attend a summer camp if it was backed by a religious organization. So in the first webinar, when Ranbir said, “…praying is like talking to god, meditation, to me, is like god talking to me.” I heard the word “god” filtered through my heathen brain as collective consciousness.

My way is not the only way are words that I live by, so I’m not trying to convince you that you need to drop everything you currently believe and try meditation.

I only want to share my experience and let you see that meditation is something that can easily be incorporated into the life and beliefs you already have.

For more information about the course click here.

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  1. I love that second tag line Lizzie: “how to empower your inner champion to kick your inner critic’s ass.” Y E S !

    I will have to incorporate it when we do the course again this fall.

    I appreciate your openness in this post.

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