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How to Choose the Perfect Villa for a Family Vacation

Vacations are a journey full of memories

Families tend to plan vacations together so that they can spend time with one another away from their respective busy schedules. It is a fact that when vacations are being planned on a family level, it comprises family members across multiple age groups. This necessitates the choice of a location, accommodation, and recreation that has something to offer for everyone in the family. The main distinction between a family vacation and any other trip you might take with your friends or alone is the spirit of togetherness. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect villa for a family vacation.

A family is a relatively larger group than being solo or traveling as a couple, which results in a much higher level of cost for the trip. These trips are planned well in advance by aligning the schedules of all family members. For example, the holidays for the school going children or the annual vacation days for the office goers.

When you travel with your family, it doesn’t make sense to book different rooms in a hotel, and it may not be financially feasible for everyone to book hotel suites for the vacation. Furthermore, staying at a hotel comes with its set of restrictions and lacks that feeling of a home away from home. This is why there has been an increase in the rental of villas at every possible destination you are traveling to with your family. Staying in a villa gives a much higher level of privacy, comfort, and flexibility as compared to a hotel. You are at liberty to start a BBQ in the yard of your villa, but you cannot do the same in separate rooms of a hotel.

The perfect villa checklist

1. Location

The location of your villa is one of the most integral factors when selecting a particular accommodation. It can impact all your vacation plans. You need to ensure that the chosen villa is centrally located in terms of transport availability, essential services like food and healthcare, recreation options, and shopping areas. If you end up booking a villa in a secluded area, you could lose a lot of money and time traveling from one place to another. This could hamper your vacation plans to quite an extent. Hence it is important to use platforms like Miami Villa Rentals to ensure that your perfect vacation villa is centrally located and well-reviewed.

2. Amenities

Nothing spoils your vacation plans, like accommodation with insufficient amenities. When you book your villa, you want it to be perfect in every way possible. It should contain clean running water (hot and cold), electricity, telephone connection, a reliable gas connection for cooking, basic medical care supplies, ventilated rooms with clean beds, and necessities to bear any drastic weather changes. The absence of any of these can end up turning your vacation into a chaotic nightmare. You should do thorough research about the amenities that the villa of your choice offers, compare it against other available options and go over the reviews of the previous visitors to choose the option best suited to you.

3. Luxuries

It is always a cherry on top of the cake if your villa offers you additional perks like a gym, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, or a basketball court. This allows you to have multiple options of spending quality time with your family in the comfort of your villa.

4. View

Waking up to a breathtaking view right outside your villa is something everyone would want on their vacation. To choose a villa with scenic views, go through its outdoor pictures. They give you the idea of its surroundings, whether they are a concrete jungle or a beautiful spread of nature.

Top 3 Villas for the perfect family vacation

There are dozens of options available across the world in case you are looking for the perfect villa to rent for a family vacation. We have picked our top 3 from different locations to help with your travel decisions the next time you plan a vacation with your family.

This gorgeous villa gives you a stunning view of Cala Tarida. Spread over a generous area of 16,000 square meters of total land comprising 550 square meters of living land. You will be welcomed by lush green lawns and an exquisite interior of white marble and timber. There are a total of 5 bedrooms, with attached bathrooms, wardrobes, and separate air conditioners. It can easily house ten family members. In case you are headed to Ibiza, you should book this for your stay there.

  1. Thespina – Barbados

Located among lush green surroundings, this 22,000 square feet beachfront villa is perfect for you if you and your family are nature lovers. Enjoy the greenery and be amazed by the stunning sunsets by the beach just from your terrace. This is a four-bedroom villa that can house eight members. It gives a touch of luxury with its wooden flooring and high ceilings. It has a lot of outdoor space like the dining area, the patio, and the terraces for you to enjoy nature to the maximum possible extent. 

  1. Maison Bonporteu – France

This is a villa located along the bay of St. Tropez has a bit of a countryside feel to it. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and views of the yachts on the shore is something that will want you never to leave this place. It has all the basic amenities and four spacious bedrooms to provide you with a comfortable stay on your vacation. It also has a swimming pool so you can enjoy some water splashing fun with your family. 


Vacations are supposed to be a time of relaxations, unwinding, bonding, and breaking away from the monotony of routine life. They are planned with a lot of effort and come with a considerable financial cost as well. 

However, family vacations tend to come infrequently, and you should make the most of them. In order to be able to enjoy a hassle-free vacation search for villa rentals at your place of destination and choose the next possible option based on the facilities being offered and the rent amount. In order to be able to book the best-rated villas try to plan your vacation in advance of the actual travel dates.

We have listed some of the integral factors like location, amenities, luxuries, and view that must be considered while choosing a villa for your family vacation and even our top three picks owing to their perfect balance of nature and the presence of required amenities. We wish you an enjoyable and fun-filled vacation with your family. 

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How to Choose the Perfect Villa for a Family Vacation

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