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Retrofitting blog posts or pages for SEO $65 per post

Includes: Focus Keyphrase, Meta Description, Page/Post edit to add keywords, Image attributes, Internal and external links

Image optimization $15 per image or $100 for 10 images

Includes: Downloading and renaming image, Uploading optimized image, adding Image attributes


You want Google to love you, right?

There's no overnight solution or plugin that will do this for you.  Google loves content.

When you create your website you are providing a solution to a problem, or possibly a lot of problems.  Make a list of words and phrases that you think people may type into google when they are looking for your solution, or for when they're searching for solutions to their problems and don't know that the answer is your product or service. An example is migraine. I may search for ways to treat migraines, if your product would help me, you should have a blog post about migraines.  These words and phrases are called keywords and longtail keywords.

You next job is to post 30 blog posts in 30 days.  Your keywords should be in the title, meta description (Use the Yoast plugin to simplify this), the file name of any images you upload, the description of your images.

A strategy for this is to:

  • Make a list of 30+ topics before you begin.
  • Create draft posts in WordPress, that way you have them all set up to work on when you feel inspired.
  • Give your photographer a list of photos you need if you can’t take them yourself, or buy great stock images from
  • Write at least 5 of the posts before you start publishing any, that way if you don’t have time to write one day you will have one you can click publish on.
  • Try to post them at the same time every day.
  • Immediately pin the post to Pinterest and share it on Facebook.

These blog posts should have at least 500 words, more is better. Every post should:

  • provide valuable insight about Roatan to the reader (you want to become the go-to website)
  • not have duplicate content - if you copy and paste from other sites google will penalize you
  • contain a couple of your keywords
  • have a couple of photos named with keywords
  • contain links to good relevant websites
  • contain links to other posts or pages on your site
  • have a vertical photo that can be pinned to Pinterest

You should have 3 or 4 cornerstone posts, kind of an overview of the topic. For example, one of my cornerstones is Family Friendly US Cities, and every time I write a post about a city in the states, I link it to that cornerstone.

After the 30 days you should decide on a schedule of how often you will add blog posts. Google loves a consistent stream of new content, so it’s better to commit to less, like every other Tuesday and then if you find yourself wanting to write more, go up to once a week.

Questions about getting started? Drop me a line to find out more!

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