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You clicked this link because you want to know why you should choose me to help you get more eyes on your product, right?

Storytelling is scientifically proven to boost sales. An engaging story will trigger a release of oxytocin (often referred to as the trust hormone) in the reader, and who wouldn't want that connection made with their product?

I love working with lifestyle and travel related brands that I believe would appeal to my readers and social following. My platform and social media channels attract an engaged audience of active parents and travelers.

I will promote your product or event by incorporating it into a compelling story (sponsored post) or more traditional product reviews, and giveaways.

I also offer digital advertising on my sidebar, in my newsletter, or in a social media campaign. Download my Media Kit here.

Lizzie Lau Media Kit 1
Lizzie Lau Media Kit 2

A few of the brands I have worked with:

Visit Stockholm
See Puerto Rico
Bulletproof® Coffee
Nestlé Pure Life
Boiron Canada
First 5 California
Yahoo Mail - a twitter campaign
LG Home Appliances - a series of social media posts
Coca Cola - a series of tweets
Fox/Master Chef Jr. - a series of social media posts
NBC - Rio Campaign - 12 social media blasts (facebook, instagram & twitter)

My reach extends beyond my blog and I always promote my work across multiple social media channels:

Facebook –  1.3K followers
Twitter –  13.1K followers
Instagram –  3K followers
Pinterest –  3K followers

Questions about getting started? Drop me a line to find out more!

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