Stockholm Day Trip – Lake Glasbrukssjön

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If you’re looking for a Stockholm day trip, get out of the city and swim in beautiful lake Glasbrukssjön, also known locally as Lake Glasan, out in Orminge (Saltsjö-Boo).

Stockholm is lovely, and I’m not suggesting a day trip because you’ll run out of things to do in the city.  You won’t. You’re more likely to be overwhelmed by things to do and have a hard time deciding what to do first.  However, I do believe that part of experiencing a country and culture is to get out and trip like a local. We got to do just that when our family took us to one of their favorite swimming spots outside of the city in Boo.

There is water everywhere in Stockholm, so it may seem crazy to drive off into the country looking for more water, but this trip is worth it.

It’s a short drive from Stockholm – about 25 minutes on Route 222, but it’s a world apart.  Lake Glasbrukssjön is a gorgeous, family friendly municipal bathing area with sandy beach, grass areas, jetty and raft on the north-eastern shore of the lake.

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We took a picnic, or rather if I’m honest we took a backpack full of chocolate.  We sat on the shore and watched the kids jumping off the swimming raft, splashing in the shallow water and on the sandy shore.  The day was glorious and I thought for sure it would get more crowded, but it didn’t despite being a weekend in June.

This was our second stop on our Stockholm day trip.  Our first was a walk through Nyckelviken Nature Reserve, another place that doesn’t make it into many guidebooks, but was beautiful and fun for the kids.

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Stockholm day trips Lake Glasbrukssjön on the swimming raft

Stockholm Day Trip - Lake Glasbrukssjön