Visit Valle de Bravo, Mexico, for Paragliding and So Much More

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Valle de Bravo is a popular tourist destination for both international extreme sports enthusiasts and North American retirees looking for a less expensive lifestyle. It’s also a weekend getaway favorite for people who live in Mexico City. Because of this popularity, it has everything a discerning tourist is looking for, from chic hotels and restaurants, to spas and golf courses. Oh, and of course, paragliding!

Paragliding at sunset

About a 2 hour drive from Mexico City, Valle is located on the shore of Lake Avándaro. The lake is popular for boating, sailing wakeboarding, kayaking, and stand up paddleboarding. Reminiscent of the Upper Italian Lakes, and having one of the most beautiful colonial centers in Mexico, the area has certainly earned its reputation as a pueblo mágico. The town offers an exciting but safe nightlife with many bars and clubs to choose from. Because of the elevation, 6000 feet, it stays relatively cool year round with daytime highs between 67 and 75F.

In Valle De Bravo You’re Above It All

The town itself is lovely, but to get a really great view of the town, the mountains, and the huge lake, you need to see if from above. Vale is surrounded by hills where visitors can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rappelling, climbing, and paragliding or hang gliding. The weather conditions here are perfect for paragliding, and the surroundings are breathtaking.

Paragliding in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Valle de Bravo is famous the world over for paragliding because its landscape and atmospheric conditions make it ideal for the sport. Because of this it is the site of international competitions nearly every year. In 2009, Valle hosted the World Championship, receiving competitors from over 40 countries. In 2019 The Monarca Paragliding Open will be hosted here.

There are over a dozen paragliding  schools and tandem operations in town. Paragliding is done here year round, so locals have become accustomed to having angelitos land in their gardens when the wind shifts direction. Monte Alto, also known as “the kite hill” is a preferred take-off spot for paragliding.

If you’re tempted to give it a try, a 30 minute tandem ride with an instructor will cost about $120. Don’t forget your camera, and a jacket, it gets chilly up there. Even for a tandem glide you will get some basic instruction so that you understand how it all works and how to behave safely. The instructor will handle the flying while the student just relaxes and enjoys the flight. If you enjoy it, you can then move on to a full course where you’ll learn how to fly the glider yourself.

You can rent everything you need to complete your course here, the wing, radio, and harness. Experienced paragliders travel with their own equipment, but if they encounter any problems, they can get spares or service on their gear.

Adventure sport travelers are not generally wealthy, so it’s nice that Valle de Bravo caters not just to the elite Mexican tourists, but also to the budget travelers. Food and lodging are available for every budget.

Flight Of The Monarchs

If you’re looking for something interesting to do that doesn’t challenge your fear of heights, you can hike with a guide to see the millions of Monarch butterflies. To see them take flight in the bright sunlight is spectacular. These migrating Monarchs return to the same place they were born to lay their eggs. Every day around noon the butterflies fly down from the mountains to a river. Seeing these swarming orange and black butterflies is pure magic, especially when some of them land on you.

Monarch Butterflies near Valle de Bravo, Mexico
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Valle de Bravo has everything a discerning tourist is looking for, chic hotels, restaurants, spas, golf courses, and paragliding! #travel #Mexico

Visit Valle de Bravo, Mexico, for Paragliding and So Much More

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  1. Wow, those pictures are amazing! What incredible views! Is there a certain time of year the monarchs are around, or are they year round?

  2. Wow, this place looks breathtaking! I would love to experience Mexico someday. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  3. I have never tried to do a paragliding, it looks scary and it looks fun at the same time but I think I will really enjoy visiting the flight of the monarchs, it looks really beautiful!

  4. I don’t think I’ll ever have the guts to try paragliding, but I bet my husband and son would try it. And the monarchs are gorgeous.

  5. Wow, my son has always wanted to try paragliding. These pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. I’ve heard about the flight of the monarchs for years and have always wanted to see it live!

  7. I’m terrified of heights but I would love to say I tried this. Can’t guarantee I wouldn’t pee myself during…

  8. Hi Lizzie,

    A two-hour drive from Mexico City. Sounds really good Lizzie. I have been looking for somewhere in that region for a bit of paragliding training, and this sounds ideal.

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    Cheers Nathan…

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