Best Blogging Tips This Week – A Roundup

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My most popular Pinterest board is the one where I save blogging tips. I subscribe to a lot of expert bloggers’ websites and when I click through from their emails to a post that is helpful, I always pin it.

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Here are the 5 Best Blogging Tips I received this week:

How To Get Started Making Money Blogging

From the SITSGirls I received 4 quick tips on How To Get Started Making Money Blogging, I saved it because even though it’s information I already have, I STILL haven’t implemented any monetization of my blog and need to be reminded.

How to Start a Blog for Your Business has a terrific article on blogging for business, with excellent tips from many experts. Adding a blog to your business site is great for several reasons, one is SEO because it gives you many opportunities to mention the keywords you want to rank for. Another reason to blog is to offer detailed, helpful information to your customers while establishing yourself as an expert on the topic.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Irresistible Subheads

Boost Blog Traffic reminds us that people skim blogs and if their eyes aren’t drawn to your subheadings, they may miss what’s important about your post.  The Ultimate Guide to Writing Irresistible Subheads breaks it down for you, what works, what doesn’t, and even some case studies of fantastic posts.

20 Cool Tools for Creating Infographics

In 20 Cool Tools for Creating Infographics Jeff Bullas reminds us of how powerful imagery is in our content marketing.  He outlines the reasons we need strong visuals in our posts, and then gives links and descriptions for 20 tools, many of which are free or have free versions.

5 Practical Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

A terrific post on Successful Blogging gives 5 Practical Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website.  This is something I struggle with because I don’t promote my blog strategically or regularly.

 What is the best blogging tip you’ve ever received?

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