How We Survived Our First 10 Days Of #Whole30

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Lizzie Lau

On May 29th Miss K, my daughter’s preschool teacher, posted on facebook that she was going to start Whole30 on the first of June, and asked if anyone wanted to join her.  I was intrigued, so I did a google search and within 4 hours I had agreed to do it.  Then I roped my Mom in.  The timing was perfect because my cardiologist had just suggested that I give up cheese and lose a few pounds to help lower my cholesterol.

Whole30 is an elimination diet.  For 30 days you give up dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, and alcohol.  After the 30 days you reintroduce those foods slowly and one at a time to see how you feel.  I’m already thinking that this will be a WholeSummer project.

We were a bit nervous because we were starting a road trip from SoCal up to BC on the 1st and worried that it might be tough.  It wasn’t – at all.  Neither of us are big meat eaters, so we bought mahi and scallops.  Our number one survival tip is to have great tasting condiments.  We picked up our favorite oils and balsamic vinegar from La Quinta Olive Oil Company.  Citrus and Habañero Oil, Lime and Cumin Oil, Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic.  They are made with natural flavors, and none of them have any added sugar.  I also made salsa verde, a super delicious chimichurri style sauce that goes with EVERYTHING.  We’re drinking a ton of water, but also enjoying icy glasses of berry water kefir.

After 10 days of Whole30 I can report that I feel fantastic, I’m not missing sugar or dairy at all.  I feel lighter, energized, and I’m sleeping much better.  Before starting, Mom slowly made her way down the stairs sideways because of joint pain, now she is bounding down the stairs!

whole30 cabbage steak


whole30 butternut squash

Our second survival tip is to never leave home without some kind of snack.  We carry around macadamia nuts and spicy pumpkin seeds.  You don’t want to get hangry and give up.  The Whole30 website offers great tips for traveling and eating out, even printable shopping lists.

Right now my biggest struggle is staying off the scale (they insist that you weigh before and after, but not during the 30 days).  My clothes are fitting better and my tummy is flatter, so I know I’ve dropped some pounds – but I want to see the number!

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  1. Hurrah, Lizzie! So glad you found Whole30 and gave it a go. I did it this February and, like you, was so glad that coffee wasn’t off limits – everything else I can just about live without, but not a good cup o’ Joe. I didn’t have much in the way of detox symptoms – I’d been eating quite clean and paleo since about last October – and I also enjoyed finding creative ways of making it not just liveable, but also enjoyable. Like you and your Mom, I felt great on it and afterwards! How did you find the reintroduction process? TBH I kind of resented it and stayed Whole30-ish for quite a while afterwards. Still having meat or fish for breakfast, for example!!

    • To be honest I haven’t done a reintroduction. We’re on Day 61. It doesn’t feel like a burden to eat healthy. I’m satisfied all the time, I don’t consider quantity at all, only quality, and I’m still slowly, but surely losing weight. I’m delighted!

  2. This is awesome Lizzie! So happy to hear you are feeling great with your new lifestyle of whole foods. I know I feel much better now that I have switched to a healthier lifestyle. I just can’t give up my coffee creamer, my one cheat!

    • Thanks Jane! Next I have to get back to my yoga practice. I’ve invited some friends to come join me for yoga on the lawn in the evenings, it’s light until 10pm here! I’m hoping that by having friends and family join in, it will help me stick with it.

  3. I don’t know that I have the stamina to give up cheese and alcohol – but I admire your commitment!

    • Thanks! Alcohol hasn’t been tough at all, cheese has long been a staple in my diet, as has chocolate. The hardest thing for me is no half and half in my coffee. I’m using the canned full fat coconut milk, and it tastes fine, but not the same and there’s no foam. We’re feeling so great though that it’s worth it.

  4. Love this site! I would want to see the number too! I am also doing a program #Thrive, which is vitamin supplements and no caffeine. So I haven’t had coffee in weeks. I had a craving for coffee last night and made a few cups that I drank before bed – I dreamt crazy things all.night.long!

    • Thanks Scarlett! I don’t think I could give up my coffee, it’s bad enough having to drink my doppio espresso without half and half! I have started blending regular and decaf beans though. I’ve been having crazy dreams too. I wake up feeling like I’ve just lived a life in an alternate reality, and it takes me a while to shake it off.

  5. Hi Lizzie! Congratulations! So glad to hear you and your mom took the challenge and succeeded so brilliantly. And you ALMOST convinced me to try the diet too–ha, ha! I didn’t see in there where wine was an option????? Anyway, your photos of the food look fabulous and if you were around I would hire you to cook for me for sure 🙂 Keep it up and post photos of YOU next time! ~Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, no wine unfortunately. Mom and I are drinking water kefir in wine glasses so that we still feel like we’re having an adult beverage with dinner. The food has been great and I can’t take credit for much of it. Mom is a brilliant cook. In fact, she’s making breakfast right now and I can’t wait.

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