Top 14 Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam With Kids

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Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is filled with family-friendly adventure. The city is built on the canal system and old colorful architecture and you’ll be amazed at the many fun things to do in Amsterdam with kids.

This city is also famous for its educational activities and museum; therefore, almost 20 million people visited the city annually.

There are many adventures and attractions that you can do with your kids here; let’s explore some of them. 

Amsterdam with kids biking the canal

1.  Visit Dutch Painters Museum

The first place to visit is my favorite, the old art museum. Increase your child’s knowledge about the Dutch painters and the golden era of the region.

The Van Gogh Museum, situated in Museumplein, Amsterdam, is dedicated to Vincent van and his contemporaries. The museum has a modern touch with colorful pictures.

It is free for your kids till age 18, but you will have to pay €19 for the entrance.

2.  Attend Tuschinski

The theatre is important from both historical and entertainment perspectives.

It is the best combination of color and woodwork of the previous centuries. The theatre is named after the Jewish tailor and sponsor of the building.

Here you can; walk on hand-made carpets see the painted murals and stained glass beauty. Movies are still shown in the theatre don’t forget to check the schedule for the English movies.

3.  Live in a Houseboat

When you are visiting Amsterdam, finding a hotel may be a little difficult. It would be best if you tried the boathouses floating in the canals across the city.

Initially, it was designed to cater to the residence shortage problem of the city.

It is one of the best tourist attractions; you can rent the house for just $55/room.

4.  Increase your Knowledge at Nemo

The unique boat shape building is a science museum, ‘Nemo’. On the top is a terrace where you can enjoy the view and spend the evening with your kids.

The museum is filled with interactive artifacts and informational crafts about; the human body, engineering, genetics, and creativity.

You can enjoy and acquire knowledge both at the same time in this museum. The admission fee for visitors above the age of 4 is around €17.50.  

5.  Eat at Kinderkookkafe

If you are with kids, then this place is a must-visit. It is a café build on a unique concept that you won’t find at any other place in the whole world.

Here kids are encouraged to prepare their meal. The front area is filled with ideas to create different dishes and ingredients required to cook it.

The self-cooking will be a fun experience for all the young ones. The café will provide you with a complete range of equipment and even with a hat and an apron. 

6.  Shop at Nine Streets

Despite a family trip, shopping is a must. The Nine Streets are the narrower alleys in the neighborhood of Amsterdam.

These streets are filled with tourists and local people. It has shops on both sides of the street. You can find interesting historical artifacts to fashion boutiques everything in one place.

The Dutch pancakes of the street are famous; you can stop at any café to enjoy snacks with your children.

7.  Remember Anne Frank

The Anne Frank House is a place to visit if you have children older than ten years of age. The place has its significance and historical importance from the World War perspective.

The girl is the most discussed victims of the holocaust by the Germans. She is considered to be the symbol of bravery in the region.

She and her family hide in the house in Amsterdam. This house is still present and is open for the public as a museum and memorial.

You can combine it with a walking tour of the city that will elaborate on people’s life at that time.

8.  Rest at Vondelpark

Vondelpark is one of the most famous parks across the globe. The park is famous for its treats and entertaining activities for kids.

They have a summer terrace and a beautiful playground named ‘Groot Melkhuis’. They also provide a wading pool where you can gather during summers.

This park is the best place to enjoy calm nature and get inspired by green beauty.

9.  Take a City Boat Tour

When the sun is shining bright, take a boat tour to discover the picturesque Amsterdam; the best of the city is visible from the canal system.

The boat will give you a tour from 4 different routes and 19 stops with hop-on-hop-off arrangements. The stops are mainly at museums, main areas, and shopping centers; it is a great way to explore Amsterdam for a day.

It will cost you €33.50 for an adult.

10.  Play with Goats

If your children are animal lovers, then this place is for you. The goat farms are located in the heart of Amsterdam forest; here, you can learn about organic farming and other dairy products preparation.

According to FreeEssayWriter, here children can play with young playful goats and chickens.

Your children can also learn about milking goats and making cheese from the milk in a workshop. I believe this is a must-go destination for the family.

11.  Enjoy Nature at Zaanse Schans

It is a small village located on the river Zaan, a little far from the main city. If you take a bus from Central Station, it will take you around 40 minutes to reach the destination.

This is the place where you can experience the famous windmills of the Netherlands. You can sight-see the breathtaking Dutch Tulips here.

12.  Rent a Bakfiets

If you are in Amsterdam, then this one is the must-do activity. The Bakfiets is also known as the very Dutch way to explore Amsterdam.

The Bakfiet in the Dutch language literally means ‘Box Bike’. It is a bike with a cargo box attached in front.

You can make your toddlers and young ones sit in that box and ride along with the city. It makes travel easier just like having a report writing service.

It is safe to travel on main roads, as they have separate bike lanes and cars are accustomed to bikes everywhere. It will cost you around €650 for 3 hours.

13.  visit Artis

We all are aware that every kid loves animals, and Zoo can be their favorite place. Amsterdam has one of the oldest Zoos in Europe.

The Artis was established in 1835; it has an old setting architecture and terrific gardens. The Zoo has to provide a lot of fun even on rainy days, it is not that big, but your kids will enjoy it.

It will cost you around €24 for ten years above.

14.  Eat on the Water

The Pancake boats are perfect for enjoying a light buffet dining. The boat offers a tour around the canals of Amsterdam and lives cooking options.

You can enjoy the freshly cooked Dutch pancakes with sweet and savory treats. If you are a meat lover, then they have meatballs, bacon, and chicken shawarma for you; for the kids, the specially made tutti-fruiti flavor dessert is waiting.

Wrapping it up

Amsterdam is one of the best cities to visit with family. The city is a beautiful amalgamation of modern and historic architecture that depicts a wonderful architectural scene.

Though the city is a bit expensive and you have to increase your budget when travelling with family but the expenses are worth it.

The historical places reflect the proud past of the region, and the modern museums depict the prosperity and success of the country. I highly recommend adding this one to your next holiday destination bucket list.

Do you have any favorite things to do in Amsterdam with kids? Share in the comments below!

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Top 14 Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam With Kids

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