Top Family-Friendly Attractions in Amsterdam

Whether you are traveling with teenagers or toddlers, Amsterdam is a family-oriented city with numerous activities and sightseeing opportunities for children. From picturesque parks and puppet theatres to world-class museums and outdoor activities like canal cruises and biking, the capital of the Netherlands is home to countless treasures just waiting to be discovered by the little ones. To help you decided where to go, I’ve put together a list of the best family-friendly attractions in Amsterdam.


Not many places in Europe are as interesting for kids as the fabulous Science Museum Nemo. Located just a short walk from the Amsterdam Central Station, this amazing museum is a great place for kids to learn about science through hands-on experiments, workshops, and demonstrations. One of the most interesting interactive games is when visitors need to protect planet Earth from the danger that is lurking from space. Expect to see many levers, pulleys, and buttons around you, as well as the beautiful terrace which is located at the very top of the building.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Amsterdam Canal Cruise

2 Amsterdam Canals

A boat tour of Amsterdam canals is one of the best ways to discover this lively city from a different perspective. During the boat tour, families on vacation in Amsterdam will have an opportunity to admire the magnificent architecture and the beauty of the historical thin canal house. Several companies offer cruises and many of these cruises are family-friendly. For example, there is the burger canal cruise and the fun pizza boat tour. The Blue Boat Company offers a pirate-themed canal cruise and at the end of the journey, kids get a freshwater pirate certificate.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Amsterdam Artis Zoo

3 The Artis Royal Zoo

One of the most popular Family-Friendly Attractions in Amsterdam is The Artis Royal Zoo. Located in the center of the city, the zoo houses over 750 different types of animals and boasts everything from a petting zoo to a small planetarium and an aquarium. In case you get tired from all the walking, there are free trolleys available everywhere you look. There is also a nice café inside the zoo where visitors can order yummy snacks and refreshing drinks.

4 Vondelpark

There are many great attractions in Amsterdam and Vondelpark is one of them. This is the city’s most famous park with plenty of child-friendly activities and attractions including one of the largest playgrounds in Amsterdam. In summer, the open-air theatre usually has plenty of entertainment for kids like acrobats, mime, and puppets. However, the biggest draw for families with kids is the fantastic Kinderkook café. This place aims to get the little ones involved in preparing fun dishes such as decorative cupcakes, pizza, and sandwiches. Your kid can put a little apron and a chef hat before getting a tray and instructions on how to select the ingredients for the dish.

5 Amsterdam Marionette Theatre

Amsterdam’s old marionette theatre is a fun place to visit when staying in Amsterdam with kids. The theatre holds many performances in the Dutch language under the precise movements of professional puppeteers. Expect to see fabulous costumes, cute wooden characters, and both music and opera pieces by different composers.

6 The Amstelpark

If you wish to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city center, I recommended visiting the lovely Amstelpark. Located on the outskirts of the city, the park features a petting zoo, some of the most beautiful gardens in all of Netherlands, and a gigantic playground for children. There is also a great maze and coin-operated rides, as well as mini-golf and a summer train that transports passengers along the Amster River during the summer season. In case you get hungry, there is a nice snack bar inside the park.
To sum it all up, Amsterdam is a great city to travel to with kids. It is easy to navigate through, houses countless attractions for the little ones, and has hundreds of pancake joints, which is always important when traveling with toddlers.

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Amsterdam offers activities and sightseeing for all ages. Here are my picks for the top 6 family-friendly attractions in Amsterdam. #familytravel #Amsterdam #Netherlands

Top Family-Friendly Attractions in Amsterdam
Top Family-Friendly Attractions in Amsterdam

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