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Healthy Food in a Hurry

We’re all in a hurry these days.  Recently someone showed me a cool infographic about how everyone has the same amount of minutes in the day. Yeah, I love those little reminders that I’m not as productive as I should be. Anyway, I’m a single parent and an entrepreneur, so my minutes get gobbled up, just like junk food if it makes it’s way into the house.  I try to keep that from happening by keeping stocked up on healthy food and snacks.

Sprouts is just up the road from us in La Quinta, and is one of my favorite places to pick up “better for you” brands.  The quality of their produce is second to none and the variety of organic products is fantastic.

I like to shop like I live in an Italian village, stopping into the market, and buying just the things I need for a meal, but I find that if I don’t keep healthy pantry staples in my cupboards, there will be times when it’s just easier to order pizza or grab takeout from Stuft. Some of my favorite “better for you” products are featured in the image below.

sprouts better for you product haul with banner small

My daughter’s favorite thing in life is mac and cheese.  She’s about to turn 6 and is in a fussy stage so I don’t get away with filling it with chopped fresh spinach anymore.  I can however, finely chop up artichoke hearts or cauliflower, anything that isn’t green. I still get the greens into her, but usually hidden in a smoothie. She loves it when I make her a mixed berry, yogurt, and spinach smoothie so I like to keep some of the Mountain High Whole Milk Plain Yogurt in the fridge for her. She’s not a big fan of milk products, but for some reason she has always enjoyed yogurt.

Annie’s Mini Pizza Bagels are the perfect after school playdate snack. The kids are nearly always depleted by the end of the school day and their eyes light up when they see the pizza bagels coming out of the oven.

Salad, greek, vegetarian.

My favorite thing is salad, or as my parents call it – salad soup. While my folks daintily sprinkle a tablespoon of dressing on their salads, I like to hear the glug glug glug of the dressing. I have a few favorites, but Annie’s Goddess Dressing is near the top of my list. It adds great flavor to my giant bowl of fresh veggies.

healthy food in a hurry lizzie lau

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  1. Mm! Annie’s and veggies are a lifesaver around here. So great for the days when we need food fast, but still healthy. It’s so nice to have options like you showed to help balance the busy with healthy.


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