Let’s Talk About Keeping The Spark Alive – Love and Sex

Though I’m not currently in a relationship, I do understand that keeping the spark alive is tough if you are not speaking the same love language or at least acknowledging that your partner speaks a different one.

A few months ago I took a test to reveal which was my primary love language.  Not surprisingly, Acts of Service + Physical Touch tied for first place with me.

keeping the spark alive fiera for her

My friend Diane at Elevate Love suggests:

Do a “Start, Stop & Continue” exercise with your partner, by asking each other these three questions:

START: Are there things that I can start doing that would make you feel more loved?

STOP: Are there things that I do that make you feel rejected or unloved?

CONTINUE: What things that I currently do make you feel loved?


This kind of communication is essential because even with the best of intentions, we can still get it all wrong. If you’re married to someone who loves acts of service and you are constantly giving him little gifts because gifts are what you like, you are not going to get the response you were hoping for. You need to be bilingual and communicate fluently in your partner’s love language.

Relationships are hard, it’s no joke how much work it is to stay connected and avoid taking each other for granted.  In the example above, the person receiving the gifts may still feel taken for granted because they are not getting the kind of love they really want and need.

Your partner cannot read your mind. Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. Spelling out exactly what you need and want rather than assuming that your husband/wife knows what you’re thinking is the way to win at relationships.

Physical Touch

If intimacy is an issue in your relationship. Consider “Before-Play” with Fiera for women. Fiera is scientifically proven to enhance physical arousal and increase interest in sex. Wear Fiera for a few minutes before sex and simply remove it when you feel warmed-up and in the mood. Fiera is for all normal, healthy women whose level of interest in sex or physical arousal isn’t what it once was.

Fiera Night Stand 2

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Post-menopausal women report particularly strong results with the product, since they are experiencing hormonal changes that can impact their enjoyment of sex.


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