Top Travel Destinations For Yoga in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a traveler’s paradise and a hot spot for adventure junkies. If you think, this is it then, you are missing out big time. This destination is also perfect for people who love Yoga, spirituality, and uniqueness in every sphere of their lives.  Here are our picks for where to do yoga in Costa Rica.

Gorgeous beach destination for yoga in Costa Rica

There is something magical about Costa Rica – the color of sand changes with every beach, crushed seashells mixed with the sand, amazing multiple hued sun rays, and crystal-clear waters. The beautiful travel destination is also a favorite of Yoga enthusiasts and health vacationers. 

If you’re traveling to Costa Rica or thinking about making a plan to do so, make sure you do not miss witnessing the beauty of some of the “legitimate” amazing destinations here. These destinations are not just exotic but also serene for a Yogi to concentrate and center himself.

1. Montezuma

Montezuma or Playa Montezuma is one of the prettiest destinations to do Yoga in Costa Rica. Geographically located in the southern region of the Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma is home to a slew of amazing beaches to enjoy a nice tan and do some Yoga with your group. Playa Montezuma is known for affordable Yoga retreats and spiritual gatherings that are led by a group of experienced teachers. 

Moving further, you will have a chance to visit Playa Grande, which is a popular destination for surfing, paddling, and paddle board enthusiasts. Apart from these water sports, you can also choose to go hiking in the jungles spread across the northern part of this region.

2. Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a popular village located along the coastlines of Costa Rica and was formerly a major fishing destination. However, with time and volatile traveler needs, this beautiful destination transformed into a perfect spot for Yogis, surfers, and nature lovers. This spot is abundant with amazing beaches where you can sit in deep meditation and may also choose to ride the waves or do paddle boarding for that extra fun. 

Another great thing about visiting Santa Teresa is that it usually stays less crowded for most parts of the year and owing to its isolated geographical location, it is perfect for quiet holidays. You can either choose amongst popular Yoga retreats or simply grab the wave board and have fun with the gushing waves.

Yoga in Costa Rica overlooking cloud forest

3. Lake Arenal

Describing the ethereal beauty of Costa Rica shall seem incomplete without the mention of Lake Arenal. The regions surrounding this spot is beautiful, which makes it a top destination for traveling, Yoga, and more. The diverse ecosystem, absolutely stunning views, idyllic landscapes, and the green jungles surrounding mountain territories, makes everything unreal and gorgeous. The Lake Arenal and areas surrounding it are known as one of the top destinations for Yoga in Costa Rica and comparatively quieter place for a peaceful disconnect. During your stay here, do not miss a chance to visit Mistico Hanging Bridges, and La Fortuna Waterfall.

4. Puntarenas

If there is one destination that is small, quiet, and perfect for practicing Yoga or meditation, then it has to be Puntarenas. A port town in the Gulf of Nicoya, Puntarenas is an ideal destination to go for your next health vacation or Yoga holiday. Apart from being a perfect Yoga holiday destination, this spot in Costa Rica is also recognized as a cultural center and a place with some prominent historical sites. The holiday bliss extends and ends at surfing on the amazing beaches. Navigate through the city and explore the Spanish colonial architecture great cuisine, and markets selling crafts at affordable prices. You can head over to Playa Dona Ana for excellent water sports and adventure activities.

doing Yoga in a Costa Rica jungle setting

5. Tamarindo

The treasure trove of Guanacaste Province, Tamarindo is a place for people who love Yoga, nice sun tan, and a good dose of wildlife in their lives. This spot in Costa Rica is dream come true for travelers who seek to escape the noisy city life and center their emotions in a quiet serene environment. Travelers love this destination for Yoga retreats, surfing, and the beautiful sunsets.

If you are looking for the perfect flavor of fun and tranquility in your holiday recipe or you are someone who has been planning for a Yoga holiday for a long time now, visit Tamarindo. Sun bathe, do some Yoga, meditate in the evenings, and end your day by witnessing an amazing sunset view. Tamarindo is also recognized as a major nesting place for leatherback turtles and a home to mangroves, howler monkeys, and crocodiles.

6. Manuel Antonio

Why you should not miss Manuel Antonio? For the starters, you have a chance to visit the popular Manuel Antonio National Park. The park spans across a sprawling area of over 1700 acres of land (683 terrestrial ha) and 136,000 acres of ocean. If this doesn’t amaze you, what will? Manuel Antonio is also known for hosting affordable Yoga retreats in Costa Rica owing to its most-flocked beaches, wildlife, and tons of opportunities to witness wildlife and rare fauna. 

The fun continues as there are horseback rides on the beaches for couples, kayaking or rappelling for adventure junkies, and perfect night life for urban travelers. Enjoy the nighttime with your partner or family, have drinks or fine dine, and experience the lighter side to life by indulging in Spas and luxurious salons. Manuel Antonio is definitely a complete package and a coastal gateway to Costa Rica.

gorgeous coastline of Costa Rica

7. Puerto Viejo de Limon

A place whose beauty is way beyond to what meets your eyes and something you cannot express in words – that’s Puerto Viejo de Limon in a nutshell. A popular holiday destination in Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast, this place shares a distinct Costa Rican culture with the world and lets you get close to the Talamanca natives and their culture. You have a chance to visit the beautiful traditional villages, enjoy the company of hippies, and see the rare species of birds and butterflies. Head to the Caribbean Canopy to witness the abundant fauna comprising of toucans, hummingbirds, and the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. You will get to see monkeys, and colorful birds everywhere. End this beautiful extravaganza by visiting Punta Uva, a popular beach locale.

8. Corcovado

Geographically located in the South Pacific, Corcovado is a place for boat ride lovers, and marine wildlife enthusiasts. At one point you will see deep wild jungles and then at few kilometers away, the sandy bays and amazing beaches awaits your arrival. This is completely magical to see the best of both worlds all coming together at one place. You can start the vacation by visiting the Corcovado National Park, which is a home to unseen species of animals, greenery and chirping rare species of birds. If you love adventure, then take this journey a little further by diving deep into the waters running alongside the Caño Island and witness beautiful troop of tropical fishes, underwater marine wildlife, and sea turtles and similar creatures coming ashore. You can also go for hammock camping in the wilderness and spend quality time in the woods enjoying bonfire.

9. Nosara

Located in the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula, Nosara is a beautiful destination and looks absolutely stunning worthy of postcard photography. The sea side gateway to Costa Rican amazingness has beaches, eco resorts, and some of the affordable Yoga Retreats in Costa RicaThe white sand that contributes to the gorgeous serene stretch of Nosara is a reason why travelers come here for Yoga classes and spiritual retreats. It is the beautiful locales and scenic views that help them detox and de-stress. Nosara is also favored by travelers who love luxurious accommodations by the sea, spas, and upscale hotels for honeymoon or a romantic retreat. This place is ideal for everyone – lovers, romantic partners, and family & friends.

Costa Rica is also a terrific place to do your yoga teacher training. For more on the vibe in Costa Rica, read about Pura Vida here.

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Costa Rica is a destination which appeals to families, adventure junkies, and people who love Yoga.  Here are our picks for where to do yoga in Costa Rica. #yoga #familytravel #CostaRica

Top Travel Destinations For Yoga in Costa Rica