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31 Family Friendly US Cities #takeyourkidseverywhere

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When you’re making memories with your kids you have unlimited options.  While some families just want to relax together at an all-inclusive beach resort, another option is to visit one of these family friendly US cities, where you’ll find the best opportunities for parents and kids to explore, learn, and be entertained.

Whether you are looking for children’s museums, amusement parks, zoos, water parks, or even beaches, choosing a city destination eliminates one concern: weather.  There is always something fun and interesting to do indoors in a city.

Visiting a big city with kids

Instead of focusing on the negatives of big cities, like noise and traffic, think of the positives: getting around to all the attractions is often much easier, on foot, or public transit, Uber, and taxis.  The food options are endless, and parents can even take advantage of late night room service after the kids are asleep, something that is rarely available in small towns.

If you’re traveling with babies or young kids, city travel may require a bit of extra planning because of all the equipment needs – strollers, pack and plays, etc. but it’s all doable, and worth it.

My biggest tip for traveling in cities with kids is to manage your expectations based on what your kids can handle.  While in Stockholm, I wanted to visit EVERY museum, but I knew Vivi wouldn’t be able to handle that much walking/standing/looking/reading, so I alternated short visits to adult museums with parks, kids’ interactive museums, boat rides, and amusement parks, and we quickly figured out public transit so we could hop-on and hop-off busses, and boats to get around without being exhausted.


Looking for a family vacation destination? These 31 US Cities have fun attractions and activities to enjoy with your kids.

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