Costa Rica Yoga Retreats and Teacher Training

If you’re searching for a destination yoga retreat or teacher training, consider Costa Rica. Whether you want beach or rain forest, are hoping to add surfing or stand up paddle boarding to your experience, Costa Rica yoga retreats have it all.

Costa Rica yoga on a beautiful deck
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Going on a retreat means letting go of all your daily routines and allowing the pace of life to slow. Costa Rica is renowned for this pura vida way of life. A retreat gives you the opportunity to experience tranquility and inner peace, things we rarely have time for in our busy stress-filled lives. Giving yourself the gift of time to quietly reflect, in a beautiful, remote setting will contribute to good health, physical, mental, and spiritual.

Great Expectations

After my first retreat, I learned to let go of expectations because more often than not, what you get out of it isn’t what you want, but is precisely what you need. My favorite retreat so far was at Hacienda San Lucas in the mountains of Honduras. I went expecting to do hours of yoga and meditation every day, and I pulled a muscle in my leg during the first day of yoga, and spent the rest of the retreat reading in a hammock. I was disappointed for about 5 minutes, but once I snuggled down in that hammock, wrapped in a shawl, with a glass of wine beside me, I knew it was meant to be. I also met a soul sister in AumRak, the Mayan Shamaness who was on site during our stay and blessed us with both a fire and a water ceremony.

Yoga in the Ring of Fire

Another popular destination for yoga retreats is Costa Rica. The country has so much to offer visitors, from 750 miles of coastline, to cloud forests and volcanoes. Arenal, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, is a prominent feature of a 30,000 acre national park, and can be visited day or night.

Adventure seekers can white water raft, spend a week exploring by dirt bike, stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking to volcanoes and waterfalls, or viewing the rainforest from a monkey’s perspective on zipline canopy tours.

Costa Rica surfboards on the beach
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Those wanting to unwind can visit one of many luxurious spas, and spend their time soaking in mineral hot springs, or getting wonderful detoxifying treatments like volcanic mud wraps, coconut scrubs, or chocolate massages.

Rustic Retreats and Digital Detox

Taking relaxation a step further, yoga retreats offer visitors daily yoga practice, as well as clean food, meditation, and spa treatments. Choose from retreats that offer vegetarian, raw, and vegan options. Surrounded by nature, either at the beach, or in the mountains, you’ll have plenty of time to spend in solitude. Let the sounds of rushing water, wind in the trees, or chattering monkeys be your only distractions, a welcome respite from rush hour traffic, and cell phones. This is your chance to take a break for your busy life, disconnect from electronic tethers, and reconnect with yourself. You’ll go home stronger, healthier and happier after taking the time to focus on your spiritual and emotional needs.

Just don’t expect to be able to spend much time in silence, you’ll encounter people from all over the world with amazing stories of their own. Chances are good you’ll meet kindred spirits and forge lasting friendships. Most yoga retreats are comfortable but basic. Expect rustic accommodations, al fresco dining, yoga classes on an outdoor platform, and spa treatments under palapas.

Here are a few renowned yoga retreats and teacher training facilities in Costa Rica:

Anamaya Resort

Blue Osa

Harmony Hotel

Be sure to put aside some time on the way in or out to visit Costa Rica’s capital. San Jose is Latin America’s safest city, a wonderful place to enjoy parks, plazas, zoos, and theaters. It’s also where you’ll find great museums, like the National Museum, the Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold, and the Museum of Costa Rican Art.

Costa Rica Yoga Retreats and Teacher Training

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  2. A yoga retreat to experience a slow pace and just relax from all the stress from the city, is just what we all need, and more to it, is that it’s in Costa Rica! they even offer stand-up paddle boarding. the best part is meeting new people from different parts of the world. just chilling and dining with them is what we all need, right?

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