Instantly Recharge at a Yoga Retreat in Honduras

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Instantly recharge at a yoga retreat in Copán Honduras. #travel #yoga #Copan #HondurasAt the time I agreed to go on a weekend yoga retreat at Hacienda San Lucas with 4 of my girlfriends, I already had a daily practice and was a believer in the benefits of yoga.  I had gone from taking daily anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers and narcotic pain pills to treat my chronic back pain, to taking absolutely nothing and feeling better than ever.  So I was looking forward to doing yoga at Gaia overlooking the ruins of Copán in Honduras.

One of the Hacienda San Lucas staff making fresh tortillas.

What I didn’t count on was injuring myself at the first yoga class, and the effect walking the grounds by myself and sitting among the ruins of Los Sapos, would have on me. Los Sapos, was a Mayan fertility site, which archaeologists have interpreted as the oldest known labor and delivery room in Honduras. A place where Mayan women of Copán gave birth to their children.

Heal your mind, body, and spirit?

It was on this trip that I first met AumRak, a Mayan Shamaness who led us in a fire ceremony, and also accompanied us to the nearby Luna Jaguar Spa for a water ceremony in the natural hot springs.  I’m certain that the timing of this trip was divine.  I had recently been having a recurrence of the heart palpitations that had sent me to the hospital for surgery a few years earlier. I visited a cardiologist for a full workup only to be told that my heart was perfect and that I needed to look inward and figure out what was causing my anxiety attacks.  During the ceremonies with AumRak and my one on one session she brought to the surface my desire to have a child and the fact that my husband at the time flatly refused.  She basically told me that my life was going to continue to be haywire until I aligned it with my core desire. I’m paraphrasing of course. I wish I still had her exact words.

This trip was a turning point for me. When I arrived, I set an intention to be open to guidance from the universe, and as our weekend progressed it became more and more clear exactly what I needed to do to get back to harmony.  I’ll be forever grateful to AumRak for her warmth, kindness, and gentle guidance.

gaiam at hacienda san lucas
My one on one session with AumRak at Gaiam, Hacienda San Lucas.
AumRak at the fire ceremony
AumRak at the fire ceremony

Getting in touch with the past.

We visited the ruins at Copán, and there is nothing like walking through the ruins of an ancient civilization to get you in touch with the past.  It almost feels like time travel because you can sense the presence of the people who lived there, as if they still exist on another plane.

sharing the road to copan with livestock
Sharing the road to Copán with livestock.
Visiting the ruinas at Copán.
Visiting the ruins at Copán.
Visiting the ruinas at Copán.
Visiting the ruins at Copán.

Healing Waters at Luna Jaguar Spa

By now we all felt a connection to our new friend AumRak, and we didn’t want our spiritual journey to end so we asked her to accompany us to the natural volcanic hot springs at Luna Jaguar Spa and lead us in a water ceremony.  We didn’t actually go to the spa for any treatments, but wandered through the grounds to visit several of the natural pools. The jungle here has been left as undisturbed as possible and the scenery is as gorgeous as it is relaxing.  I only wish we had spent more time exploring the area because later I read about some of the cool things we missed, like a pedicure pool where you walk around on the polished stones in alternating hot and cold water.

Luna Jaguar Spa
AumRak and Susan at the Luna Jaguar Spa.
One of the outdoor massage treatment areas at Luna Jaguar Spa.
One of the outdoor massage treatment areas at Luna Jaguar Spa.

Our yoga retreat was only 4 days, and I spent much of it reading a book in my hammock, but we all came away feeling recharged, reenergized and awakened. I can’t say enough about the welcoming vibe and fantastic food at Hacienda San Lucas.  The lovely Flavia Cueva, owner operator of Hacienda San Lucas, made us feel at home and part of the family. I long to return, and plan to visit one day with my daughter, I feel like it would complete the cycle of growth.

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  1. Wow! Definitely a trip to add to my list. Beautiful views and a yoga retreat to boot. Is this kind of a retreat for experienced people only or would newbies benefit?

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