4 Years in the Bahamas – My Favorite Photos

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4 Years in The Bahamas - My Favorite PhotosPhotos from the 4 years I spent in the Bahamas and South Beach Miami while cooking on the Sea Fever, a liveaboard dive boat. We spent most of the season running dive charters, but spent the summer months snorkeling with wild Spotted Dolphins on the Little Bahama Bank.

It was a magical time. The Bahamas got into my soul. I dream about the crystal clear water, pods of spotted dolphins, and tremendous storms.

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What’s So Great About The Bahamas?

In ads for sunny, sandy, gorgeous vacation destinations, everybody is always smiling, relaxed, and having fun. However, the real reasons we choose a particular destination have little to do with the wind gently tossing our hair while we jog along the sandy beach in a bikini, laughing. Who does that? So, instead of the fantasy of jogging without jiggling, how would I prefer to be sold on a destination?

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Easy Access

There are too many things about the Bahamas that I love, but direct flights have to be near the top of the list. Air travel has become a big drag. I used to love to fly and did so much of it that I didn’t have any of the travel anxiety I would see in other passengers. I would breeze into the airport a few minutes before my flight, and be the last to board before they closed the doors. Now we are told to get to the airport 3 hours in advance for international flights! In Guatemala City our carry on was checked 3 times before we boarded, and after the third check, we were corralled into a secure zone within the secure zone. It was absurd, especially considering how easily my scarf concealed my water bottle when they were taking them away from everybody else.

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Even though it’s obviously another country, it is very close, and is still in the Eastern Standard time zone. Anyone traveling with kids knows that the longer the flight, the more opportunity for a major scene.

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Currency Exchange

The Bahamas have their own currency, but it’s not necessary to change money. Their dollar is on par with the US dollar, and they are used interchangeably. Chances are you will end up with a few Bahamian coins at the end of your trip, but you can easily avoid their paper money by asking for your change in US dollars.

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English is spoken here, with a lovely Caribbean accent. When I travel, struggling to communicate is part of the adventure. When I vacation, I prefer not to have to struggle at all.

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Bahamas 1996 dolphins collage

The People

I love the Bahamian people. I spent 4 years there and never had a single bad experience. I found the locals to be friendly and helpful. I was never ripped off, and always felt safe there. I just found a card that Miss Cordella, our limo driver,  gave me at the end of my last season there.

bahamas 1996 liz underwater

Sapona Wreck and Normans Cay Bahamas 1996

The Climate

I left climate for last because it’s fairly obvious that the reason to go to an island in the Caribbean is to spend some time on the beach with a great novel. The islands boast a moderate climate, with temperatures in the 70’s in winter and low 90’s in summer. They get more rain in the summer, but still claim that the sun shines about 340 days of the year.

Sunset Harbor Marina Miami Beach 1996







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