Indoor Skydiving in Perris, CA

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Looking for an easy side trip from LA or Palm Springs? Head to Perris, California and try indoor skydiving!

We took turns flying in the wind tunnel and it was so much fun.  The noise was a little intense for her, at the time she could still barely stand the sound of hand dryers in public restrooms, but she was so proud of herself for doing it. I had a blast, and it was pretty cool that muscle memory kicked in and I was still able to fly – it’s been over 15 years since my last skydive! She was impressed by her Mama, and it felt good to have her see that side of me.

Skydive Perris brought back a lot of memories. I jumped out of a skyvan here in the late 90’s when X2 was competing at Nationals. We also jumped at Lake Elsinore, a really beautiful drop zone. It was my first time at the Perris indoor skydiving facility and I was impressed with how well it was run, especially when dealing with young kids.

You don’t need any experience to fly in the 95 foot tall wind tunnel. Your instructor will be there to guide you through the entire experience to ensure your comfort and safety. You will float and fly in a wall to wall cushion of air created by the vertical wind tunnel.

Fun Factor Mama

As a single parent I’ve found that I have to consciously balance being the parent, the sole breadwinner, and the fun factor. My goal is to provide fun experiences and activities instead of overcompensating with toys and junk food.

She loves to tell people about our travels. Ask her about the time our kayak was bumped by a 20′ whale shark in the Sea of Cortez.

Have you tried indoor skydiving?

Indoor Skydiving in Perris, CA

Indoor Skydiving in Perris, CA

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  1. My kids have always wanted to try this indoor skydiving! It sounds like a fun activity! A fun adventure for kids!

  2. I’ve never heard about indoor skydiving! But I am sure that my kid will love to try it out!

  3. Tried it and loved it! I’m impressed with your flights and think you must be the coolest Mum in the schoolyard. Take your daughter to goat yoga and have a food fight. Two of my favourite adventures from last year.

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