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On our last trip to Dallas we spent 6 weeks and my friend Ollie gave me a Dallas style makeover.

Offspring and I try to travel to Dallas to visit with friends and family there at least once a year.  On our last trip we spent 6 weeks there and my friend Ollie gave me a Dallas style makeover.

This may sound crazy, but when I told Ollie that I was about to turn my life upside down, and end my 10 year marriage because I wanted to have a child, she thought it would be fun to have one at the same time.  Yeah, I was right, it sounds crazy, and that’s not even half the story.

Ollie already had five kids, two grown and 3 littles from her second marriage.  Her 3 boys were one of the reasons I decided to have kids.  I spent so much time with her awesome boys that I started to imagine my life with kids of my own, and suddenly at age 37, it finally seemed like a really great idea.

I divorced, and quickly found a source of the secret ingredient I needed for this special project.  Obviously I’m glossing over A LOT of drama, but this post is supposed to be about a makeover.  Ollie and I each began our baby projects in Honduras, but ended up having our girls 6 months apart, and in different parts of the United States.  We made a pinky promise that we would make a real effort to get them together at least once a year so that they would have a childhood bond.

On this trip we visited museums and attractions, the Arboretum, the Texas State Fair, the Zoo, and the girls had a fairy portrait done at Enchanted Fairies. It was an amazing opportunity for them to strengthen their friendship.

The Makeover

Ollie and I couldn’t be more different.  She’s Honduran royalty, of the beauty queen variety, and I’m a tomboy.  While she was getting her hair blown out, I was trying to get the grime off my face from a day of dirt biking.  She is a socialite, I’m a hippie.  She always looks put together, and I always look thrown together.  Her look is classic chic, mine is… not as easily defined.

We do have a ton in common though, and a friendship that allows us to be brutally honest with each other. During this last visit, she flat out insisted that I allow her to make some adjustments to my wardrobe.

I was nervous at first because she has a penchant for animal print, rhinestones, and stilettos, none of which I think I can pull off.   I’m one of those women who look like a newborn baby calf when I try to walk in high heels.  Thank goodness she was realistic, and let me take baby steps, trading in my DC Shoes for ballet flats, and a pair of low heeled vintage boots.  She gently eased me into animal prints with a couple of scarves, and replaced my hoodie with a fitted jacket.

When I was packing to go home she presented me with a really cute purse that I’m ashamed to say I haven’t had the guts to use yet – animal print, rhinestones, AND studs!  Maybe tomorrow.

I’m grateful for the makeover, the 50 pound bag of clothes, shoes, and purses for both Offspring and me, and for a friendship that means more to me than I can put into words.

My New Year’s Resolution is to learn to wear scarves in more ways than the one I know now.  One of my favorite fashion bloggers has an amazing video tutorial and makes it look so easy.

updated Sept 2017

6 thoughts on “Makeover – Dallas Style”

  1. Thanks Brittany. Yeah, I remember you rolling your eyes a few times on our Milan trip! LOL You're ahead of the learning curve though. It took me a lot longer to realize the importance of having a "fabulous few" as you put it. Boys always seem to have an expiration date, but girlfriends last forever. Love you too, and we'll give you some notice before our next get together so you can join the fun.

  2. Thanks Sheryl. I've never met anyone like her. Over the years I've begged her to stop doing so much for everyone, even for me! It's who she is though. She's like an iceberg, the beauty you can see is nothing compared to the beautiful heart and soul beneath the surface. I wish I'd had the opportunity to meet her father, I'm willing to bet he was a character of note.

  3. This is beautiful. so accurate and well written. Thanks for accepting my mom – rhinestones and all. I spent my adolescent years trying to tone it down because even though I like a little animal print and glitz myself, I’m a firm believer in less is more (with a look in the mirror and take one thing off daily mantra) but she’s just an over the top kind of woman and it’s taken me a bit of time to appreciate it fully. there’s nothing to tone down, she’s simply beautiful just the way she is. I’m thankful and happy that someone else embraces all of her quirks and qualities. I’m lucky to have a similar type of friendship with a fabulous few and there’s really nothing better. They’re the family you get to choose! Love you and would love to meet your little one on the next yearly adventure.

  4. Legacy! That is the word I was searching for when I was writing this. Mommy brain should also be known as vocabulary drain. LOL

    Hammocks are in our future my friend. The Pooh and I love all y'all.

  5. Lizzie, I also have the honor of being blessed with having Ollie as a friend now for over 25 years. She is simply AMAZING!! I totally get your beautiful story about Ollie and her all so generous heart. I to know exactly how you feel, for I'm the "thrown together" one as well. In this picture you look as beautiful as Ollie, the scarf looks great on you and Ebi looks so adorable. Ollie is definitely the"fashion queen!" She is a wonderful friend and has always stayed true to her word. Ollie is the classiest, most beautiful inside and out person I know. I'm truly honored to be able to call her "friend." She is still 25 years later, blessing others. I'm so happy that you ladies share such a special bond. Thank you for sharing your beautifully well written story. May God continue to bless you all.
    Love to you all!

  6. I’m absolutely bawling! I realize how blessed I am to have such an amazing friendship and a bond that no one will ever understand between us. Our girls will carry on our legacy and friendship no matter where life takes them. Our pinky promise will yearly be the bond that brings us together no matter what country or continent we live in. I love you more than words can ever say and I long for the day we spend a summer together swimming with the dolphins and hanging from the hammock like we envisioned……Love you girls!

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