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Avocado – 5 Reasons to Eat it Every Day!

Avocado is something I can eat every single day. A perfectly ripe avocado sliced and fanned out is sublime.

avocado every day

Testicle Tree

The word avocado comes from the Spanish word aguacate, derived from the Nahuatl word ahuacacuauhiti – meaning testicle tree!  Guatemala is the birthplace of the avocado.  It was brought from Antigua, Guatemala to California and launched the avocado industry there.  A plaque in the main plaza was given to the people of Guatemala in appreciation by the California Avocado Society back in 1946.  It reads, “In recognition and appreciation of the great contribution of Antigua and of all Guatemala, to the development of the avocado industry in California.  A healthy growing child salutes a generous parent.”

The avocado is a fruit but should have it’s own special category.  Much maligned and misunderstood because of it’s high fat content, many people are still missing out on the avocado’s many virtues.  Aside from being delicious, they are packed with valuable nutrients and fibre.